Thrifting and Dottie Couture.
Two of my very favorite things  ^. As these are two favorites, I found combining them resulted in one of my favorite outfits! Since we are finally in a transition period, I try my best to mix spring pieces with the winter pieces necessary to hold off the frostbite. 


My chambray shirt ($42) is from Dottie and is one of my wardrobe staples. I like to wear it tucked into skirts like this, unbuttoned over tank tops, and sometimes under light sweaters! My scarf ($12) is also from Dottie, and nicely complements the lighter beige in my skirt. I love the lace detail around the edge of the scarf because I think it’s a sweet detail while still being subtle. 
My dark red lip ($26) is the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Cruella”, and I love the color payoff but it really dried out in about an hour…not one I’d recommend!

My high-waisted floral skirt ($3) is from Trinity Mission in Lafayette! That is my favorite thrift store to date, and if you ever find yourself locally hailing Purdue, you won’t regret stopping there. The prices are insanely cheap and everything I’ve found there is great quality! There are also lots of random things with which to entertain yourself and a hilarious fitting room key…the experience is one of a kind, my friends. 
Photos by Sarah Beth Photography 
This week has been a crazy one. “Crazy” is usually my favorite type of week, but I sure wish this particular one would slow down and take its time. I leave for vacation on Sunday morning and I’m simultaneously excited and filled with dread. I know that the store is not my own, but I invest so much of my time and love into it and the girls that I will worry when I’m away! I am, however, very excited to spend some time in the sun and to maybe actually read an entire book for the first time in far too long. I’m darn near narcoleptic at this point, if I sit down I am sure to be asleep within a few minutes, and who reads standing up? I can’t wait to fix the sleep-deprivation, blog more than once in a week, and spend some time with my amazing second family. 

As for now, I’m off to pack. And by pack I of course mean scroll Instagram and continue my Game of Thrones marathon while throwing a reluctant glance toward my closet every so often.

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