My Beach Bum Must-Haves

Though I don’t make it to the beach all too often, I do have a select few must-haves for the days I get to enjoy it. I like to spend as much time laying out as humanly possible, and it’s been a real bummer that the last few days of my beach vaca were too cloudy and chilly to spend outside. Along with my favorite things to bring along, I also have six different cover up options to show! I picked three options for day time and three slightly warmer options for night time or for days that are overcast!


My pink floral beach towel and beach bag were a gift from my sweet friend before I left, but quickly became my new favorites. My sunscreen of choice is always Australian Gold, SPF 30 at the beginning of the trip and 15 by the end. My expensive sunnies are too precious to me to subject to the perils of the beach, so I found this cheaper pair at Publix once we got there! My Apple headphones are a necessity wherever I may go, as blocking out the public is kind of my favorite thing.
Last but not least are my beach hair necessities! Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is integral to loose, beachy waves. I spray it in and scrunch my hair after I loosely comb through with my purple wet comb.

~Daytime Cover Ups~

Though cuteness is always a factor in my wardrobe choices, the weather takes over in this situation! I tend to stick to minimal, light cover ups during the day because I prefer to actually make it to the beach before I’m drenched in sweat.


My first look is a tank ($38) from Dottie Couture that I am in love with! I bought it in size large so that I could wear it loose, and I’m glad that I did! It was the perfect length for me to wear as a cover up but definitely loose enough on top that it was more cover up than dress. The crochet detail on front is the perfect girly touch! 

My white crochet drawstring shorts ($40) are an old favorite from Victoria’s Secret. They were outrageously priced for the tiny scrap of fabric that they are but I love them all the same…and a splurge every once in a while is what it’s all about right? They are far preferable when compared to tight and restrictive denim shorts. I need room to breathe! 
My final daytime cover up is from Dottie, and it’s the softest baby pink tee ($16)! It is a muted spring color, neutral enough to match most of my suits, and thin enough to keep me covered while still keeping me cool. This ended up being my most used cover up of the trip!
My tribal band fedora ($9) is also from Dottie, and was my favorite beach accessory!

~Evening and Overcast Cover Ups~

My “heavier” cover ups are all treasures from Dottie Couture! The first is this light-weight hoodie ($44) with crochet detail in the back. It is the softest, stretchiest material and made for a super satisfying evening nap on the beach. I bought this one in a large as well so that it covers me up enough that I don’t need shorts with it. The sleeves definitely look long enough to be a large but I just rolled them up! The tassels give it the best boho, beachy vibe.
My final cover up is a long button-up cream cardi ($42). The buttons are pearly white and as they remind me of sea shells, it seemed absolutely integral I included this sweater in my preferred beach wear! This was originally an even longer cardigan, so Momma Holly shrunk it for me in the dryer! I see being short as a fun challenge rather than a obstacle…I can make just about anything work with a talented laundress mother in law and one hell of an imagination.
My white light-knit sweater ($32) is the best cover up for overcast days that are still very warm. It covers more of my body than a tank or just shorts would but it is so open that it is still very breathable. My black sun hat ($16) is from Target and it is definitely a must have for a beach vaca! Especially since I have a nasty tendency to lose small objects that have even the slightest bit of importance…such as sunnies! Sun hats are larger and therefore more difficult to lose, but I bring both because you just never know.
Though we were only on the island for a quick five days, we fit in a lot of fun and family time! I haven’t gone on many trips that involved a beach, so any time I get to spend there is a special occasion. Blogging on the beach was so fun, and definitely a first for me! I so badly wish this blog could’ve gone up while spring break season was in full swing, but sometimes life wins. I tend to be a day late and a dollar short, but rising and grinding like I do usually doesn’t allow much time for blogging. Thank God it makes for the best kind of living!

Until next time,

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