Coconut Oil Obsessed

I have been using coconut oil on my hair for a little over two years now, and it has made a world of difference! I love deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners as well, but they didn’t seem to have any lasting effects on my overall hair health. The price difference is also a huge selling point for why I prefer coconut oil over other hair products, as coconut oil is far less expensive than the conditioners worth buying. 

I had previously been using generic coconut oils, usually the Meijer brand, but I just recently got into a local company right out of Broad Ripple, IN! Skinny & Co. is the only completely raw and alkaline coconut oil available today, and the difference this makes is literally tangible. I always had to microwave the generic oil before I spread it through my hair, but Skinny and Co. melts in my hands immediately and doesn’t leave little unmelted chunks that never fully wash out…which is a serious miracle because those unmelted chunks used to stay in my hair far after I tried to wash them out! 

I have seen and read approximately 9 million different methods of using coconut oil to deep condition hair, but none are as simple (my preferred substitute term for “lazy”) as what I’ve made into a weekly routine. Instead of wrapping saran wrap around my head after combing through and blah blah blah, I simply use 2-3 spoonfuls of raw coconut oil (one at a time), rub it in my palms until it’s entirely melted, and then run my hands over and through my hair starting at the bottom. I really only use this on my ends, as it can result in making my clean hair look greasy if I put it directly on my roots. I then wrap my hair in a gross bun on top of my head until I shower. It’s usually between 10 minutes and a few hours, but the results are the same either way. I then just shower regularly, making sure to focus on rinsing my hair more thoroughly than I usually do and my hair is shinier and softer than any conditioner does!

Their coconut oil is not all I’ve been loving, as their whipped body butter has also completely stolen my heart! It is also 100% organic, and has the most amazing scent to it. It says that it is infused with lavender, but I smell something much more earthy! Momma Holly said she gets lavender from it though so we decided that perhaps my sniffer is off…this is highly probable as I just got over nearly a month of sickness! The body butter feels almost identical to the oil at first, but soaks into my skin within a minute or two. This is definitely a nighttime moisturizer for me, as it is light enough not to bother me but heavy enough to notice the effect in the morning! I only used the body butter twice on my heels, and I’ve not needed to put any type of moisturizer on them since. I am on my feet 6-11 hours a day, usually six days a week so my dry heels are a constant annoyance to me! They also offer a lip balm in their beauty line that is just as good for my lips as the butter is for the rest of me! I am entirely new to the world of organic beauty products, but this foray into that world has proven nothing but successful so far.

Do any of you have any suggestions for other all natural beauty or body products  that I should try? What other ways do you suggest I use my newfound love?

Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Obsessed

  1. thanks for the blog. i have wanted to try a few things for my hair, lips, and body. so going to give this a try. i use doterra essential oils and have wanted to make my own beauty products but until i have time to experiment i think i may try these products.


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