Pendleton and Posies

I got to meet Mel last week for a quick photo op on my old stomping grounds! Pendleton will always be my little hometown, regardless of the fact that I technically grew up in Anderson. I never actually did my senior pictures in downtown Pendleton (though I did utilize my only other option for a backdrop…Falls Park of course!), so this felt like rewinding four years and doing them all over again. The town feels the same, and it seems like a fair bet that it always will.

My bright floral romper is (of course) from Dottie Couture, and has such a flattering fit! This one didn’t have adjustable straps so I shortened them with a needle and thread. This is a completely normal alteration for me to ghetto-rig on my own, as my weirdly short frame rarely fills the length required by most tops and rompers! 

The lace insert on this romper is such a nice complement to the loud print! I rarely wear bright and bold prints, so the fact that this one incorporates a sweet and girly detail is what really sold me on it! The other detail that definitely helped is that it really feels like I’m wearing pajamas in public. And let’s be real, that trumps most everything else when I’m buying clothes.

My denim vest is from Target, and I just want to forewarn any readers to my overuse of it in the months to come…but I love it for its versatility! It can turn a dressier outfit into a more casual day time look, perfect for work! I have most definitely already gotten my money’s worth out of this baby. I’m on the hunt for another neutral vest, hoping for something olive-colored! I’m very open to any suggestions on where to find one!
Despite my love of doing just about everyone else’s hair, I get so very bored of my own! I prefer it curled, but heat styling too often leads to damaged hair, which results in my curled  ends resembling tendrils looking to fight off anyone that ventures near, and this cyclical issue will surely one day prove to be the death of me. For the days that threaten the proximity of my demise by split ends, I rely on buns! Because I loosely braid my hair, breakage is minimal, and the hair ties I prefer are gentle enough to hold all day without gifting me a lovely pin headache! Pretty sure we’ve all been there and don’t care to return… For this look, I did a Dutch fishtail around my head and then wrapped it into a bun and called it a day. I use Spin Pins whenever I do a bun that doesn’t involve my hair donut, and if you’ve never tried them you need to! They look like DNA strands and work like magic. Goody boasts that these pins do the work of 20+ bobby pins, and they are a lifesaver!
I paired this outfit with my chestnut-colored gladiator sandals to keep the look casual and cute. If I were to wear it out at night, I would instead put on a pair of chunky heels and a light bat-wing cardi. Luckily, Pendleton rarely requires one to dress up, which may be one of my favorite things about it.

It is always so refreshing to chat with Mel, and the time we got to spend together taking these pics was more than enough to leave me feeling better than I had in days! Sometimes it takes someone like her to pick you up when you’re not even down, and I’m so grateful to have her in my arsenal for the bad days, weeks, months, what have you. Thank you for all you do for me, Mel Carpenter! I am so grateful for you and your admittedly bomb photography skills.


                                                                P.S. – I’ve got an exciting blog on the way all about my work                                                                      trip to Florida and my airport escapades brought on by traveling with smoking hot models…stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Pendleton and Posies

  1. I love everything about this outfit…you are seriously the cutest.

    Where are your sunglasses from? I have been trying to find some like yours for a while 🙂


  2. I can completely relate! I went to Frankton, but living in the country we had an Anderson address and I would consider Frankton my town any day over Anderson :). Small towns are much better! I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!


  3. Hello!😊
    I only want to thank you for all the beautiful picture you beautifies the Internet with.
    You looking like an angel 😢👌
    Sweet cute sexy and sooo perfect.
    I wish you a happy life.
    Just look in a mirror and enjoy life like everyone around you always does. 😍😉
    Again many many thanks for your beautification of the world.
    Best regards
    Jan K
    Old admirer in Sweden 😉😄


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