Dainty Airport Necessities

Photos by Sarah Knuth
A week ago today, I left for Florida with some of my Dottie girls! We headed to Panama City Beach to shoot our Spring look book, and had so much fun doing it! I came along to help with all things hair, and ended up creating more than ten looks throughout our five shoots…and the best part is that despite the fact that we didn’t have much down time, it felt much more like fun than work!

Our trip back home, however, was another story. Our flight out of Panama City took us to Houston, where we survived a four hour layover. After eating questionable (and expensive!) airport food and warding creepy old men off of those darn Dottie hotties around me, Sarah was kind enough to do a fun little Houston airport shoot with me! It was just as the sun began to set, and jussttttt before our grumpiness got the best of us all. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m far from a frequent flier. That being said, I’ve developed my own flight strategy that works every time!

My first necessity is my unflappable resting bitch face. The first time I traveled alone, I made the mistake of traveling with my pillow pet Agnes, and a smile on my face. To my horror, this seemed to invite strangers (both creepy and nice) to not only talk to me, but to overestimate my ability for pointless conversation when I am an anxious traveler. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some random conversations, but not in an airport when I’m frantic to just sit down on the flight so that I am sure not to miss it. Trust me, it’s easier with your RBF in full effect.  

I like to keep my makeup light when I have a long trip ahead of me. I focus on eyeliner, blush, and highlighter to keep me looking fresh after traveling! 

I would love to say that I travel full-glam, but I get too frustrated for all that. My hair is usually either up or braided, because if I don’t, the plane seat knots on the back of my head just aren’t cute.


I also have to travel in comfy clothes. I respect those women in heels traversing the airport, but I sure as hell don’t envy them. I chose my light wash destructed skinnies from Dottie for both the trip to and from Florida! They are so comfortable and stretchy, and they hold their shape so well! My chestnut gladiator sandals are from TJ Maxx and they are genuinely the most comfortable sandals I own! They zip in the back so it is easy to get through security, but are tight enough across my foot that I can walk quickly enough to keep up with my model friends and their long legs.

My favorite travel necessity is my Kate Spade carry on bag. This is the bag I use to tote around all of my hair supplies, but it works perfectly as a carry on as well! It has lots of convenient pockets so that I can keep track of my ID, my boarding pass, and most importantly, my Sour Patch Kids. I lose my crap if I can’t find something the second I look for it, so a bag like this is a lifesaver!


Though I got to travel with lots of fun girls this time, I usually bring along a book to pass the time. I actually prefer to read in low-light, so airplanes are ideal for me to speed read! I finished a book on the flight to Florida, so I picked Paper Towns up for the trip home! John Green is just too good.

I am a big believer in traveling in light layers, so that you can easily shed or add depending on how your body tends to run. I prefer to wear a cardigan or light jacket over most tops, and for this trip I chose a light weight, neutral option. That way I could throw it together last minute for the trip home! I like to think that one day I’ll have it all together, but throwing my outfits together on the run is half the fun.

What must-haves do I need to add for my next trip?

Let me know! Love,

3 thoughts on “Dainty Airport Necessities

  1. I LOVED the light and how beautiful yall made the airport look in this! Great tips! And I just had to comment when I saw what book you were reading! I finished it two weeks ago, so good!!


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