April Favorites and Welcoming May!

May is here!
I think the warm weather is here to stay! It was actually hot today which is so crazy! I was so silly to think that I could get away with retiring my long pants in April. Or ever really, as I far prefer pants to shorts! For this boho outfit, we ventured over to Glenns Valley Nature Park and I’d say it was well worth the nine school zones I managed to drive through on the way! The setting went with my outfit splendidly, and luckily Sarah got me laughing and happy again before our romp through the woods!

My dream catcher tank ($30) is from Dottie, and I am absolutely in love with it! It was one of those pieces that we pulled out of the box and I immediately fawned over. As you can see, this is yet another
longer shirt that I styled as a dress! There are so many pieces I can’t really pull off because they are too long on me, so I feel it’s only fair that I get to 
manipulate some styles to work in my (short girl) favor!
My cream colored crochet fringe 
cardi ($42) is also from Dottie, from last summer! I love the subtle floral pattern in the crochet that you only
really notice if you look very carefully.
This is a sweater that I love for the warmer months, as it is the only longer one I have that is breathable enough to bear the heat! Air conditioning is almost always too cold for my liking, so I love to have something like this handy. 
My second day curls are thanks to my Conair YouCurl Big Waves wand. I love the loose, effortless look it gives my hair! I just wrap fairly good sized pieces around the wand, hold for 7-10 seconds,  drop the curls, and run through them with my fingers. 
My cream flower headband is from Claire’s, which is oddly enough one of my favorite places to shop for cheap and fun boho hair accessories! I’m probably too old to even walk in there anymore…but no one has stopped me yet so I’ll just keep doing my thing.
My taupe platform booties are the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s ($160) in “taupe suede”. This was a huge splurge for me, and even though I don’t get nearly enough use out of them to warrant the price, I do think they’re my soul shoe (which means they’re subliminally worth it). They are a fun way to change up my outfits, and I love the funky look they provide!
Another piece I added to this outfit is my absolute holy grail bralette ($18) from Dottie! It is the best neutral blush color so it matches most everything, and has spaghetti straps! Though I was vehemently against low armhole tops when they first surfaced, I’m slowly but surely coming around to the trend! I’ll take any excuse to wear a lace bralette, it’s those little details that make or break an outfit!
I figured the first post of a new month would be the perfect time to mention all the things I enjoyed most in the past month! April was a psychotically busy month, but really that’s half the fun…
John Green’s Paper Towns has captured my heart, and I’ve not even finished the book yet! I love that the author is from Indiana, even though this book isn’t set here. I feel like fellow Hoosiers just get it even more than other authors seem to. If you haven’t read it yet, please go pick it up before the movie comes out! I can tell you right now, the book will trump the movie.

“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten has made my month! If you’re feeling a bit ornery, you could totally make fun of this song, but if you need some motivation you’ll probably be crying by the end of it. 

I’ve basically just been along for the ride this month, wearing whatever the weather permits. One thing I have noticed that I’ve reached for an awful lot this month are my light wash ripped jeans from Dottie! I always joke that everything goes with destroyed skinnies and booties, but apparently I believe in that more than I realized!

I have been feeling really uninspired by makeup this past month, so if you have anything you’ve been loving please send recommendations my way! Except not lippies, I have enough to last multiple lifetimes. Just kidding please send only lippie suggestions my way because I LOVE THEM. I’ve got a new one on the way by Colour Pop, can’t wait to see if it winds up in next month’s favorites!

I’ve become absolutely obsessed with hair care this month, as I want to restore my hair to its former glory! I only styled my hair in college when I cheered games, and my now near-daily heat styling has really taken a toll! My new all-time hair product is the Skinny & Co coconut oil I put on my hair once a week. It is more moisturizing than any of the expensive conditioning masks I’ve purchased, and is the only treatment to leave a noticeable change! I’ve also been loving fishtail braids into buns this month, though I’m still mastering the Dutch fishtail on myself!

I’m usually not much of a perfume girl, but I absolutely lost my crap over Bath and Body Works French Lavender and Honey this month. I now own the body wash, body creme, body lotion, and perfume. I probably would’ve bought anything as long as it had that scent attached! It’s a soft scent but it packs enough punch that I can smell it throughout the day!

What did I miss this month? I’m always ready to try new beauty related products so let me know any recommendations you may have! Thank you so much to everyone that has posted the sweetest comments so far, they mean the world to me!


One thought on “April Favorites and Welcoming May!

  1. I really want to try some of the Colour Pop lippies…I have heard great things about them!

    Recently I have been loving the Rimmel BB cream because it moisturizes my super dry skin, provides a really natural coverage, and contains SPF which is a must for me in the spring/summer. I have also been trying elf liquid liner which is actually pretty good for the price ($2!). I have been enjoying Covergirl’s lip perfection jumbo gloss balm in the shade 270 because it is the perfect “my lips but better” look and it stays really well. Another favorite for this month was NYX’s Mosaic Powder in the shade “Peachy.” It has a really subtle pink tint so I like to use it as a blush for a really natural, summery look. It has a lot of tan/brown shades as well so sometimes I will brush it really lightly over my face like a bronzer.

    If you are looking for some really great makeup products, some of my all-time favorites that I can think of right now are Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara, Maybelline’s instant age rewind concealer, and Mally Eyeshadow sticks. If you haven’t tried any of those, I would definitely recommend them 🙂

    By the way, I have really enjoyed reading all your blog posts…every single outfit looks amazing!


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