Seersucker and Coral Pucker

Yesterday felt so much like Spring that I had to break out another romper! It seems that I’ll have to cover up for the remainder of the week, so I’m glad I took advantage of the weather when I could. 
Photos by Sarah Knuth
My seersucker romper ($56) is from Dottie, and it fits my short torso perfectly! I usually have to ghetto rig rompers that don’t have adjustable straps, but not this one. I wanted to pull out the white of the stripes and also the buttons, so I paired it with a white jean jacket. This one is Kut from the Kloth brand, which I got on clearance from Marshall’s in Anderson. That is a hidden gem in a dying town, I highly suggest stopping in if you find yourself nearby!
My lipstick is MAC Ravishing, and it’s the only coral I’ve found that really seems to suit my complexion. This is the lip color I wore on our wedding day, so I really only break it out when I feel like it really adds something to my look! It will always hold a special little place in my heart, and add something sweet b to whatever I wear it with.
I love this romper for the back detail! The little ruffle between the straps is darling without making me look like a three year old. This is a win win in my life! I layered my hot pink bralette under it because I liked the contrast of the colors. This one is from Victoria’s Secret a few years back but we do have a similar one at Dottie right now! 
I started at my side part and braided down toward my ear until I turned the braid toward the base of my neck on the other side, and braided the rest of my hair all the way down. Then I added a sparkly headband (this one is from Claire’s) and twisted the braid into a bun! It’s an easy go-to for second day hair as well, just in case your brain is too big to shave off some of your own hair.
 A few weeks back I actually managed to shave off some ends of my hair while shaving my armpits in the shower…You read that right, my dumb ass actually didn’t realize that some of my hair was too close to my armpit until I pulled the razor away and about died when I looked at the amount of hair on the razor. After what had happened really sank in, I decided to make braids and buns my greatest ally until I can get into my hairstylist! I decided to pair my romper with a simple Dutch braid into a bun for a sweet girly look.
I was so excited to break out my baby pink Kate Spade for the warmer months ahead! I love how the soft hue complements the cornflower blue of the stripes. I’m guessing it will look great with a tan if ever I attain one! 
My two tone neutral wedges are from Target a few years back. I love them because they are somewhere between a nude heel and a statement heel, and are still neutral so they go with most anything I 
want to wear them with! Wedges are a lifesaver for height challenged klutz’s like myself. I can get a nice little boost without a fear of breaking one of my unpredictably weak ankles. 
 It was recently pointed out to me that I’m a neutrals girl, so I want to start incorporating more pops of color into my everyday outfits! What color combos are you loving at the moment?
Let me know!


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