May Favorites!

As months tend to do, May flew by! I am a time-handling novice, so I’m awfully late on getting my favorites out (as we are already halfway through June), but here they are nonetheless! Better late than never is a thing right? Like people believe that…or I’m hoping you do, anyway.


I have really tried to make an effort to stop buying rompers this month…which has been more hellish than the heroin withdrawals I’ve read about in Ellen Hopkins books. Or it’s definitely comparable, though I’ve only tried to give up rompers and not hard drugs. Instead I’ve been pulling out some old favorite summer dresses, and new loves like this little peach lace number! I got it on sale at Dottie a while back but only just got a chance to wear it!
I’ve also made better use of the heels in my ever-growing shoe collection, and have enjoyed the viewpoint an extra 3-5 inches has given me! I’m on my feet for so long every day that flat shoes start to really take a toll on my heels, so it’s nice to put the pressure on a different part of my feet for a day, even though heels are arguably far worse for foot health than flat shoes. It doesn’t have to make sense for it to work in my life. Logic seldom fits in here, and its absence just makes my life work somehow.


HBO’s “Girls” has recently kidnapped my existence. I often listen to shows on Netflix on my daily commute, but I now listen to “Girls” any free moment I have. That’s partially why this blog is so late, because that show is too good. Lena Dunham is a genius, and I am awed by the ferocious mundanity of the lives of the characters she’s created. It simultaneously makes me want to be all and yet none of them, and I can’t wait to finish the series though I will surely mourn its loss whenever it ends!


I am still going strong in my quest to cut out added sugars! It’s officially been an entire month, and I’ve never felt healthier. Though I’ve previously mentioned my insane love of sugar (sucrophile?) I’ve found coffee drinks to be what I’m missing most. My caffeine addiction is partially to blame for my craving of coffee, but I also just miss the act of going to Starbucks and starting my day off as basic white girl as I possibly can. I really tried to enjoy flavored coffees but a lot of them have a terrible after taste that I can’t handle. I’m currently loving Caribou’s “Breakfast Blend” coffee with a splash of all natural vanilla creamer rather than the way I used to take my coffee–two tablespoons of creamer and FOUR tablespoons of sugar. I die at the thought…. But if you are also on the struggle bus of being somewhere between a sugar addict and those who can only drink black coffee (that matches their soul), you should give it a try!


Though I always love makeup, I have especially been loving my Colour Pop lippies this month! As I mentioned in my last post, they’re completely amazing and perfect in every way. I need every lippie they make, they’re that good. I only wish that I could buy them in store so that I could swatch the colors before I purchase them, but hopefully they will move to stores soon!
Another beauty favorite is Benefit’s “Hula” bronzer. I utterly despise Benefit’s packaging, but love their products. It is the perfect matte grey-brown bronzer for subtle contouring. I use a Real Techniques contour brush with it, and I’m loving using them together!


I paired my peach lace dress with a brown twisted belt to dress it down a bit. This belt is from Marshall’s, and it’s somewhere around six years old! That is one of my favorite places to find random but great little additions to my wardrobe.
My brown wedges are from Target, and I thought the little flowers complemented the subtle florals in the lace pattern of the dress. I usually prefer wedges over precarious-looking stilettos, but these can be rather uncomfortable when I wear them for the day. I’ve found that heels aren’t really something on which I can skimp price-wise. I swear my feet know when I’ve paid $60 or more, they simply don’t hurt as badly!
My white and tan sun hat is from TJ Maxx! I was on the hunt for a light, neutral hat to add to my very small collection, and fell in love when I saw this one! The hat was once completed with entirely boring, hideous ribbon so naturally I covered it up with this lace I found at the bottom of my closet. I had previously used the lace to sew onto the hem of denim shorts, and I love when I can get more use out of something I’ve already purchased rather than having to buy something new! I do think I’d like to find a cornflower blue ribbon to tie on whenever I’m wanting a little pop of color…unless you have a better color suggestion for what I should add to the hat!

What were your favorites this month? I want to know! And if you watch Girls…just please tell me so that I know I’m not alone in my obsession. 


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