Pining for Fall

I am desperately ready for fall. So desperate in fact, that I can’t even stop myself from wearing outfits that leave me baking in the heat whose presence I refuse to acknowledge. We finally got the heat wave that my mother in law has been jonesing for all summer, and I am left pouting in the air conditioning until it goes away. 
Photos by Sarah Knuth

I am a lover of sleeves, so I’ve started my premature fall transition there. This lightweight cheetah print sweater from Dottie is a perfect summer piece for me, as I spend about .01% of my time outside and the rest of it indoors in the air conditioning. I usually get cold in A/C so light coverage is a must!

My olive drawstring shorts are from Marshall’s in Anderson last summer. Shorts are really not my favorite type of clothing so the fact that I have these in three colors is a testament to their awesomeness! They were only $10/pair and though I haven’t found this exact style, they do seem to get something similar in each summer!
Olive is my favorite color for moving into fall (though burgundy is a close second!) and I can’t wait for all the olive things to start showing up in stores soon!
This fuchsia lip is Colour Pop’s “Heart On” and I love it so much! Usually bold pinks don’t seem to suit me, but I am obsessed with this one! I love Colour Pop’s matte formula because it goes on my lips easily but stays all day. 
I have been on the hunt for a tan Kate Spade bag for quite some time now, and was determined to find the perfect one by fall! I prefer larger bags so that I can carry everything I need comfortably, and this one is the perfect size for that. If I can’t fit at least 33 lipsticks in a bag, there’s really no use in my purchasing it. This is the “Cobble Hill Peters” bag in “warm putty”, and I love her already.
I have had a love for fishtails this week, and this look was one of my favorites! I started just past my part and Dutch fishtailed until I got to my right ear, where I pinned it under the rest of my hair. I pulled it out to make it more full, and that’s it!
I paired my favorite, incredibly uncomfortable fringe booties with the animal print to keep the outfit neutral but fun. I am definitely looking forward to pairing my booties with denim for fall…and hopefully breaking them in so that I don’t feel crippled by the end of the day. Seventeenth time’s the charm, right?
What are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Or are you on the wrong side like my mother in law and wanting summer to stay a while? Let me know in the comments below, I sincerely hope I have some fellow fall lovers out there!


One thought on “Pining for Fall

  1. I am with your mother in law on the wrong side and want it to stay for a long time. All year long You are beautiful Ashley. Good blog.


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