Finally Feels Like Fall

Hooray for the first days of Fall! I’ve finally gotten to enjoy chilly mornings and cool days for about half a week, and I’m pretending the impending warm front will magically veer off course. As the upcoming season is the best of them all, I plan on blogging as much as I possibly can to document all my favorite outfits! 
Photos by Sarah Knuth
I like to begin my Fall transition with incorporating darker colors in clothes that are cut for Summer. For example, this shift dress in olive! That way I can layer over it for warmth if need be, but the color is still autumnal. 
My deep fuchsia lippie is Lorac’s Alter Ego lipstick in “Jet Setter”, and I’m in love! I have been obsessed with purply/plum colors lately, and the cooler weather makes it almost acceptable. Or so I pretend.
I love to add to a solid dress with a simple long necklace, and this key necklace has been my go-to since I bought it! My love for this necklace runs so deep that I have worn and will continue to wear it despite the fact that I  broke off the bottom of the necklace the very first time I wore it! I had a nasty run in with a shopping cart, and the key necklace was an unfortunate casualty. This necklace is from Dottie just recently, and while this exact one is sold out they often restock similar items throughout the season! I will buy them all if so, this was only $12!
I incorporated blush into this look with my favorite bralette and crossbody! Olive without blush just isn’t complete if you ask me. 
I love  how versatile these earrings are, and how complementary they are to most Fall colors! I pulled my bangs back in a little Dutch braid, because my no-heat curls turn out absolutely crazy more often than not! I am still trying to find the most effective way to get curls from wet to dry hair overnight, and am convinced I’m close! Please leave any tips you have down below, I’d love to give them a try!
My buckle wedges are from Madden Girl, and they are an old favorite that I love for the Fall! They are incredibly useless in snow, so I try to get my wear out of them before October ends. The heel is comfortable enough for me to wear to work with the added bonus of being able to see over the computer at aforementioned work! 
I hope you’re as excited for Fall transition as I am! I’d love to hear all your tips and tricks so that I can snatch them up for myself!


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