Olive is the New Black

Photos by Sarah Knuth
My love for olive is surely no secret by now, and believe you me I am doing my damnedest to sneak it into every outfit I put together. I finally found a pair of boots with an olive accent, but those are in a blog yet to come! The olive I’ve fallen head over heels with in this post is in my newest pant obsession–these joggers!
Dottie does it again with these winners, I am absolutely obsessed! I’m basically down for anything that feels like pajamas but is acceptable to wear in public, and these fit the bill quite nicely. On the site, they are styled low on the hips but I prefer to wear mine mid-rise instead. I love the versatility of that though, as I think it gives the pants two different looks!

Because I wore them mid-rise, I just partially tucked in this heathered sage green top that is the softest thing ever!

I usually wouldn’t pair two different greens together like this, but I like how subtle the hue is in the shirt (TJ Maxx) versus the deep olive, so I put it together anyway. My dad always thinks my shirts are coming untucked when I wear them this way, but I love the look it gives my outfits! Slightly disheveled suits me. 

This tortoiseshell necklace is one of my favorite statement pieces! It is a nice size so as to make a statement without overpowering me, and the colors of the stone make it easy to pair with a lot of outfits. 

This necklace is from Dottie around a year or so ago, but we get in similar pieces from time to time so it very well may come back!

I found this light beige beanie at Edinburgh Outlet’s Aeropostale for $10 and I am so excited to add it to my outwear wardrobe! I have a veritable collection of hats but not many are neutral in color! I love the soft and fuzzy texture on this as well, it’s definitely a new favorite of mine.
My camel and beige Sperry heeled booties are a Fall staple for me, I absolutely love the color combo! These booties are so crazy comfortable that I actually have them in two other colors…but they’re perfect for long workdays so I’m pretending it’s reasonable.
I hope this post gives you a little olive-inspo of your own, and if so you should tag me in any pics so I can see how you wore it! 

Happy Fall!


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