Happy November Everyone

I could drone on for hours wondering over where all my time goes.

However, I won’t, because I’d like to entice readers to stay tuned rather than bore them to tears with trivialities. I feel like it was yesterday that I was romping around at the IMA with my friend and her camera and now here we are approximately a million years later. 

Regardless of how quickly it goes, I’m so grateful for every minute of what I get, and for the people I am so blessed to spend it with. ESPECIALLY when that means I get to romp around pretending I’m Red Riding Hood on an exceptionally warm autumn evening…I mean nothing better than that.

​I fell in love with this plaid shrug the minute I laid eyes on her. I’m never one to turn down a scarf but when I realized this was even better, I didn’t have a choice. This has since become my outerwear of choice whenever I’m “just running in” anywhere and also when I’m chilly at home because it’s more convenient than a blanket but does the job nearly as well. 

I styled this piece with neutrals so that it didn’t overwhelm all 62 inches of me. These UGG riding boots are an old favorite of mine, I really like this shade of taupe because it matches most anything!
I’ve had a lot of fun incorporating rompers into my fall wardrobe this year! This cream romper is from Dottie, and I love its classic lines combined with the short lace trim at the bottom of the shorts. These aspects make it a breeze to style it multiple ways while still keep a touch of girly sweetness. 

What have you been loving all 18 (gasp) days of November? Let me know!


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