Love and Grunge

Lately, all of my days have contained in them some sort of surprise.

Today I did not wake up thinking I would slap a SOLD sticker onto the yard sign of Evan’s and my future home. If I had, I would’ve been dressed to the nine’s instead of in my weekend uniform, but who can complain? We only just began our physical house hunt (we’ve been online searching for months) on January 8th, and ended up signing for the very first house we visited on the 18th. I feel like even a whirlwind is incomparable to the changes that are beginning to sweep us up in them. 

If Evan and I were characters in a movie, this would be the quintessential 30 second montage where we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and become responsible homeowners who have to live by a strict budget for the first time (which in itself is an incredible blessing). As for now, this time seems simultaneously slow, fast, unbearably difficult, easy, futile, and worthwhile. I assume the next year will be much of the same, but I know that I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! I pray that one day we’ll look back at this time and laugh about how impossible this time in our lives seems. Whether or not that happens, I’ve never been so thrilled to have reality slap me full on in the face.
I’m so excited for the changes taking place, and I know that I’ll continue to be even busier than ever. That being said, I want to blog as much of this time as I can! My clothes have always been a landmark for my memories, and I want to commemorate this crazy time via my wardrobe…
​so let’s gooooooo!
When I refer to this as my weekend uniform, I genuinely mean it. I bought this side pocket sweatshirt tunic from Dottie in both black and burgundy, and have just been alternating the colors since. This is the comfiest of all tunics, and if you can still get your paws on one from a store location, I highly recommend you do it. ASAP.
While I love the cut of this tunic, let’s be real here.

​97% of its charm lies in the fact that it has

Clothing manufacturers should make pockets

​mandatory in women’s clothing, if you ask me.

This is probably why no one asks me…

I paired my Michael Kors buckle booties with this

solid top to dress it up a little while still

​maintaining comfort as top priority!

For this look I kept my jewelry to the everyday basics, but I added this warm beanie to the mix! I love a good pom beanie, and the best news is that they’re so easy to make! I personally prefer crochet to knitting, but pick your poison and hop online because there are tons of free patterns out there!
My distressed charcoal leggings may not be the most practical for Indiana temps right now, but I love the hint of grunge they bring to my wardrobe! They are also unbelievably comfortable, and keep their shape all day!
That’s all for this comfy cozy Indiana Saturday! I’m so happy to have y’all reading alongside my mishaps and mayhem…fashion-related and not. As always, I love hearing back from you in the comments! Thanks for reading 🙂


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