How I Style: Cropped Sweaters!

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I love a chunky sweater at any length, but a cropped one especially suits my shorter stature!

I decided to style this one (American Eagle, currently on clearance!) three different ways, each suiting a different occasion/vibe. I ended up sizing up to a medium in this sweater because it’s a little shorter in back, but I’d say it otherwise fits pretty true to size. 

Look One:
Comfy Casual

I love go-to outfits like these because they’re simple to recreate and comfortable enough for Sunday errands. This length is the perfect amount of cropped for me, as it doesn’t cover my hips but it is long enough to be worn with low or mid-rise jeans. I also love the ribbed detail at the bottom of this sweater!
My favorite pairing for a cozy sweater is an equally huggable beanie! You must know my weakness for fuzzy headwear, and I love the soft texture and slouchy silhouette of this one. I think it adds to the sweater without stealing the show. 

​For this mini lookbook I wanted to keep my face neutral, so I paired my usual winged liner with a darker nude lip. This lip color is MAC “Velvet Teddy”, and it’s one of my favorite nudes! Light colors never seem to suit me, so if you’re the same way I highly suggest this one!

I’m forever cuffing my jeans, and today was obviously no exception! There are so many different ways to cuff , but for sneakers I try to stick to the OG one pictured here! These jeans are an old pair from Dottie, but any pair will do for this! You could even upcycle some old jeans and distress them yourself if you don’t have any that are perfectly distressed to your liking. I paired my black low-top Chucks with this look because I love this classic shoe with jeans!

Look Two:
Dressed Up

For this look, I had in mind something like a fun day out with friends or a dressy day at work (for me, I know not everyone gets that kind of flexibility!).
I became seriously OBSESSED with vets this winter, and this one is one of my faves! I love that it’s not overwhelming on my admittedly squat frame, but it’s still a fun addition to this look! This is probably such a good fit on me because it’s actually from the kids section at Target…but to be fair I had a taller friend of mine try and it on and it looked darling on her. It’s ever so slightly cropped on a taller frame but it works so don’t ever forget snatching out of the girls section is always an option!
​When jeans are so long on me that even a regular cuff doesn’t get them short enough, I resort to this little number pictured here. It probably has a name, but I have no idea what that might be so I’ll just tell you how I did it. I start with a 3-4 inch long cuff and then I cuff that again only the the top of the roll on the bottom of the jeans, so it looks like it’s only rolled once when really it’s almost rolled twice! We’ll call it a cuff and a half. Or something else, heck if I know.

​I paired a dark platform bootie with this look to streamline my legs and help them out a little in the length department. I love the black upper with the brown heel, and I think it nicely complements the vest which just so happens to have both of those colors in it!

Look Three:
Girly Chic

For my last look, I wanted to throw something together that was both girly and bearable for winter weather. 

​Attempting to keep track of my waist and avoid looking amorphous, I front-tucked the ribbed portion of the sweater into my skirt. If your sweater is more cropped, you may not need to tuck it at all!

In order to make a skirt Indiana winter-friendly, I added tights, over-the-knee socks, and tall boots. I like the additional texture the printed tights bring, along with the color contrast so that it’s not entirely dark. Any sheer tights will do, but these are from Target! The velvet skirt also makes the outfit more acceptable for winter, and the thick velvet complements the faux suede of the boots (Forever 21)!
I added a wire headband to the look to give it a little extra sparkle, and I love that you can bend these to the exact shape you’re wanting! Because the band itself is so thick, it looks best placed over my hair rather than under it, but I don’t mind this at all because it’s so comfortable! I hate the headbands that give you and instant headache and a lovely indentation in your head. 

These can be bent or twisted however you

prefer, but for this look I tied it in a knot and

then tucked the ends under for a less dramatic

look. You could also stand up or round out the

​ends to make a bow!

I hope this gave you some outfit inspo on how to style your cropped sweaters! If you liked this mini-lookbook/ how-to format, please let me know in the comments because I can definitely do it again! If you have any suggestions for other styling posts, I’d love to have them. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “How I Style: Cropped Sweaters!

  1. Agreed, love seeing ideas on how to style the same clothing item! You make it look so effortless. I am also a fan of cuffing jeans, as I am short too.
    Keep it up 🙂


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