Haute Mess Express


When I saw this shirt on the floor at Dottie, I knew I had to make her mine. 
I am very particular about my graphic tees, and the very few that make the cut are forever treasured, so I was pumped to have another option on my hands but I knew I had to try it on first. Happily, the fit is perfect for me, soft and stretchy but still close to my body. 
I haven’t been favoring all black lately, but I felt like that would be the perfect way to style this shirt. My black skinnies are an old Dottie purchase, and they are my favorite fit! It was almost a little too chilly for my favorite cut out booties, but I made it happen because beauty (fashion?) is pain.
These sunnies were the sweetest surprise gift from my amazing mother in-law, and I have been absolutely obsessed with them lately! They’re from American Eagle and are super affordable at $16!
I love doing a bold lip with all black, and I thought Color Pop’s “Wifey” would be perfect for this look! I rarely wear this color because it makes my teeth look an atrocious shade of yellow, but it’s nice to have in your arsenal for those *fresh out of cares* days. That was today.

I hope y’all had a great Saturday! Tomorrow’s my hub’s birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate the life that has blessed mine in so many ways! Talk to you sooooooooon!


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