Classic Colors

I’ve always loved pairing navy and pink together…I’m happy to report that nothing has changed in that respect!
I am obsessed with the American Eagle “Soft & Sexy” collection, and this shirt is one of my favs from that! I love the fit because most of my shirts are oversized in some way, but this one fits nicely without making me self-conscious. 

​I’m always cold at work so I try to bring a sweater or jacket with me, and I thought this printed cardi would be perfect! The pinks don’t quite match but I don’t quite care…it kept me warm and it brought in the color of my Chucks so I chalked it up as a win!

I warred with myself over whether or not to get these frayed ankle skinnies from Dottie, but I finally caved! They aren’t the most flattering fit on me, and I was even called Huckleberry Finn while wearing them…but I believe in rocking whatever you want so I bought them anyway and I LOVE them! They’re super comfortable and pair with almost anything! I also like them with a high top shoe because they hit my ankle at a weird place. When it’s finally warm enough, I’ll be rocking a gladiator sandal with these babies, I can’t wait!

I hope your Monday has gone just swimmingly, and that you’re pumped for the week ahead! We can get through this last (hopefully) little cold chill, fellow Hoosiers!

Thanks for reading!


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