Romp Time

You guys, it’s finally here.
​(see excited face below)
It’s officially time to romp again. If you’ve stuck around for the last year, you’ll know there’s little more that excites me quite like a good romper. It’s the easiest outfit you could possibly throw on! This Black Printed Tassel Romper
from Dottie Couture is my first for the season, and is perfect for so many reasons!

​This is the greatest length for short girls such as myself, as it is somewhere between that a day-long wedgie and a weird Bermuda length. For obvious reasons, the former is no good, but the latter poses an even stranger issue with short legs. I certainly don’t need any of my length missing, so when I tried this little number on and it hit my upper thigh, I knew I’d have to keep her.

Nude heels are always a great choice, so this Taupe Tassel Heel was a no-brainer from the get go. 
The best news is that these babies are only $29!!! It’s an extremely versatile shoe that I have many more outfits in mind for, and a staple item ringing in for less than $30 is always a win for me! They are still available in all sizes, so get them while you can!

​I have been on the hunt for a strappy bralette for a goooooood long while. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this one with you, because it’s one of my favorite brands from Dottie! The quality is amazing so I know it’ll hold up, and I love the detail of the scalloping around the top of the bra.

These have already been starting to trend, but I’m sure they’ll be a hot commodity once summer finally shows!

Are you all starting to build your summer wardrobes like I am?! Let me know what I need to add, beautiful readers!


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