Hiiii again. Missed you.

Life went and snatched me up again.

I started managing both Northside locations beginning in July, and l haven’t had a second to catch my breath since! I also started pilates…I can’t catch my breath there either.

But I’ve missed you (all three of you who read this) and I want to make a real effort to come back to my little corner of the web…this week that’s with an outfit recap! It’s hard to believe this is the last week of July!


It took me a full day to realize I did not take an outfit pic on Monday…so this begins on a Tuesday. After a double shift on a huge sale day, I can assure you it felt very much like a Monday. I opted for my hunter green tee shirt dress with this charcoal grey button up tee over top (left unbuttoned). When I say I’m obsessed with my Birkenstock’s, I mean it. I wear them with everything…EVERYTHING. I’m not sure how I’ve managed 23 years on this Earth without these shoes. I’m certain they’ll be a staple from here on out!


Wednesday’s hair was super easy, considering it’s actually Tuesday’s hair except one day dirtier and a whole night of sleeping on it. I love getting away with that crap whenever possible. My mauve ruffle top is from Dottie, and I am obsessed with the girly flair on the classic tee silhouette! My jeggings are from Aeropostale, they’re the super stretchy ones they’ve been advertising lately! I cut holes in the knees because that’s how I prefer my jeans. Birkenstocks with the outfit because **obsessed**.
What {thankfully} happened post-picture, was the chocolate chip catastrophe that almost ruined this sweet mauve shirt. Luckily for me, I had a water bottle on me when I noticed the stain while waiting at the optometrist. Unluckily for me, I dumped almost all of its contents onto my lap, making it look as though I’d peed myself after I dropped chocolate on myself. It was a lose-lose kind of day.


Thursday’s are shoot days, yay! Because I spent too much time on my makeup that morning, I completely ran out of time for outfit picking. I don’t really know what made me gravitate toward this entirely random outfit, but it worked well enough!


Every Friday is a relief (despite the fact I work weekends), but this one was extra fab. The longer the week, the more welcome Friday is. I chose this simple black tie waist shirt dress (on sale for $30 at DCB!) and styled it wayyyy down with…you guessed it! My Birkenstocks. I was comfortable, no regrets.


Saturday’s are always mayhem at Dottie, so a comfortable and low maintenance outfit is key. These skinnies are new from Dottie (and only $29!) and THE most comfortable black skinnies I’ve ever tried on. 

Since I’ve been plotting my capsule wardrobe experiment all week, I had classic colors and pieces in mind while I was getting dressed. I’m so excited for the experiment to begin, and take you right along! Capsule selection and the most helpful of apps will be on the blog tomorrow, see you then! 🙂


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