August 4 ♥

I always love Thursday’s.

Thursday is the day I get to tag along on the Dottie shoot and play with beautiful hair. The conversations I get to have with the hilarious ladies of DCB is always the highlight of my week, and I so love what I do.

​Day 4 of the experiment presented me with this little number. I’m thrilled with how it’s been going so far, and I’ve genuinely wanted to wear each outfit I picked. I was worried it wouldn’t suit my mood or that I wouldn’t end up liking what I’d planned, but I think that’s the point of a capsule–you genuinely like each  piece in it, or it wouldn’t have made the cut. Therefore, each outfit has been a win for me because each one is made of my favorite pieces!

My darling T Swift has been gone in Vegas this summer, so today we celebrated her return with a quick lunch at Bru Burger! Luckily I snapped this pic before I managed to overturn my beloved Sriracha Caesar Salad in my lap. Cross your fingers the garish red stain comes out of my beloved mauve top (which I just got a chocolate stain out of last week…sigh).

Tomorrow brings the weekend (yay!). What do you have planned for it?!

Talk to you soon!


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