Capsule Update

Forever waiting for the days to slow down.

If you’ve been wondering, my experiment was more or less a failure. It turns out a capsule wardrobe isn’t exactly for me, but I’m very glad I tried it out! The experiment was well worth it, however short-lived. It lasted two weeks, by the way. Not too bad…for me.

Why I’m glad I tried:

  • it motivated me to REALLY clean out my closet of unused or unwanted items
  • getting ready in the morning was amazingly simple, and I loved that
  • it made me appreciate the pieces I really was already loving, I just didn’t realize it prior to limiting my wardrobe to the bones
  • self-improvement attempts make me realize just how much improving there (always) is to be done
  • it encouraged me to seek other ways to reduce clutter in my life

Why it was a “no” for me:

  • I missed the rest of my clothes
  • some days I really wasn’t feeling what I’d picked out, despite how carefully I’d kept my schedule and daily needs at the forefront of my planning process
  • what on earth is the point of spending even one second in clothing you’re not feeling like wearing?
  • I absolutely love new clothes, and am surrounded by some of the cutest options available all day every day
  • I express myself and my mood through my outfit; despite some frivolity and rash choices, my closet is generally a carefully curated phantom limb, which I could no easier detach than my arm
Despite it’s many failings, I am very glad I gave the experiment a go. It has completely changed my views and selection process while shopping and planning for the season ahead. I am no longer picking pieces just from looks and am instead also considering how often I’ll be able to use an item, and what purpose(s) it will serve. I am putting much more thought into what I’m consuming.
Furthermore, I’ve realized that little matters less in my day to day than shopping for new items. The experiment allowed me to spend some more time with my husband or reading or having breakfast and less time obsessing over the perfect outfit for the day. While it’s fun for me to overanalyze every outfit, it’s also tiring and trivial. Time spent learning or loving is anything but, and I’m thrilled to announce I’ve learned how to balance them a bit more elegantly. 

Thanks for following along, friends!


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