Linen and Life

September has always been my favorite.
I thought it would always be my favorite.
September 2016 was a month-long catastrophe.
Luckily, I had some pretty cool collab opportunities come my way. I found Not Perfect Linen and fell madly in love with the simple lines, exceptional quality, and family-oriented company. They are a family out of Lithuania who work together to make, dye, and sew each piece they sell. They are exceptional at what they do, and also offer fantastic customer service.
The quality and the care taken with each piece is apparent from the second you touch the fabric. I know that these pieces will not fall apart, and the classic and simplistic design won’t fall out of fashion. 
The little anecdote about this piece is probably my favorite. I am absolutely obsessed with any type of dusty purple anything. Seriously, anything. I was headed out the door in this precious favorite piece of mine when I looked down and realized I’d spilled about half my coffee down the front of my shirt. I was housesitting for my in-laws at the time, and really alarmed their poodles when I ran back in the house screaming NOOOOOOOO. Luckily I was alone in the house because I ripped this sucker off so fast I also got coffee in my hair! I’m in no way a talented laundress, but I ran cold water over it in the sink, rubbed in some detergent, rinsed as gently as I could, and set it out to dry. I was so sad to leave it there but had to run to work! 
I was elated to find it good as new when I got home. Tears almost happened. You can also machine wash veryyyy gently but I prefer to be overprotective with these clothes. 
This gorgeous green dress comes equipped with my all-time favorite loose silhouette and…POCKETS! Let’s just let that sink in a moment. In their product descriptions, they encourage customers not to fixate on size. I prefer my clothes oversized anyway, but it’s amazing how the size doesn’t really matter too much here. The clothes fit exactly the way the makers mean them to.
I love every single piece from this unique company, but I loved working with the family even more. It brought me some peace during this insane time of my life, realizing that my life is not supposed to be any more perfect than linen ❤

​You can find them on Etsy at Not Perfect Linen
or on Instagram @notperfectlinen

Thanks for hanging in, friends!


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