Lace+Knit= ♥

If you have ever (and I mean EVER) read anything I’ve written, you’ll know there is little more I love in life than cozy knits and fall mornings. This post contains both soooo lemme tell you I’m not sitting on regular old cement in the above photo…I’m on cloud nine. 
This sweater from Maude is the most perfect I’ve found this season. I’ve been on quite the hunt for sweaters, and I’m obsessed with the ever so slightly cropped fit of this beauty!
Layering sweaters over skirts and dresses is basically my trademark, and I hope it never goes out of whatever style rules my compass follows (if there is such). The detailing on this dress (also from Shop Maude!) is darling, and makes for a nice mix of textures when paired with this wonderfully chunky sweater. 
The velvety sheen on my over the knee boots calms down the texture overall while still complementing both pieces on top. 
Was your Sunday all you hoped it’d be? If not, the next will be here in approximately .5 seconds…these weeks are redefining “breakneck pace” I swear. 

I’ll talk to you soon!


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