Loving LLB 

It’s a rarity for me to welcome new jewelry into my small but carefully curated collection.
I’ve always had an obsession with clothes but jewelry is typically my last thought, if I have time and don’t forget, type of thing for me.
Lucky for me, Lily Lough has pieces to fit anyone from the most basic (me) to the most ornate and decorated ladies. I love the neutral beige paired with bright teal in this piece for a little pop of color to mix and match with basics.
I’ve been swooning over cluster studs for a while now, but hadn’t found any that quite fit the bill until these beauties! I love the blue/green/white color combo AND they also fit in just fine with the diamond studs I always have in my second piercing.
This white necklace is the perfect mixture of statement and classic, and I think the neutral color makes it so much more wearable than most larger necklaces. I could pair this with any color my wardrobe may contain, and I love that! It’s also light enough that wearing it isn’t a constant strain on my neck. 
What jewelry trends have you been loving this fall? Leave me a comment and let me know! Thank you for reading  🙂


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