Christmas Day Out!


​This is my “teeheehee I have a plan face”. And the plan was to surpise the bestie. Andy Mohr Buick GMC paved the way. (find them HERE)

Taylor Brooke unabashedly loves being ridiculous in our overt affection for each other, and photo documenting it every step of the way. The knowledge of that fact led me to her perfect Christmas suprise: hiring our friend (and pro videographer) Kimmy to make a video of us on a fun Christmas date downtown Indy! Being her best friend is just about the most fun in the world.

Step One:


Our friends over at Andy Mohr Buick GMC in Fishers let us borrow this beautiful 2016 Buick Encore for the day! Let me tell you, it was love at first sight. Being 5’2″, it’s a smidge difficult for me to see over the wheel sometimes (terrifying, right?). In the Encore I was elevated perfectly so that I could see everything around me so much better, which was good since it was spitting ice that day! Perk #2 was the heated steering wheel…I have been told a time or seventeen that I have corpse hands. This would save me so much merciless mocking!

Before we left, we adjusted our seat warmers, dual zone A/C, and connected my phone through Bluetooth so we could listen to Christmas music on our way! Once we plugged in our destination (Monument Circle), we were on our way!

Step Two:

Bob and weave (in the safest way possible I assure you) through those terrors to the road when even the slightest smidge of precipitation starts to fall, and use your reminders on the side mirrors which alert you when other drivers are beside you! I didn’t take photos of that because I wanted to arrive at our destination alive, but believe me they rocked my little auto world. 
We could NOT have gotten a better parking spot, and I used my camera to stall Taylor since Kim hadn’t gotten to our agreed upon spot yet! I’ve had a small car ever since I got my license, and it just really feels time to upgrade to…say…something more (exactly) like this up top. I tend to bring a lot with me everywhere I go, and this little number fit it all. Pass-through rear seats even left enough room for impromptu hair styling, which has happened far more than anyone would believe!

Step Three:

Step into Starbucks and let the video magic happen! Taylor and I went from Starbucks, to a chocolate shop, to monument walking and back again. She was completely surprised and with that fact alone I was thrilled! It was just even greater that the video turned out exactly as I’d envisioned, thanks to Kim’s genius self.

Watch the video HERE 

Thank you so much to Andy Mohr Buick GMC for letting us borrow this beautiful whip for our fun Christmas date! All I’m saying is that Christmas is almost here, and I’ve been veryyyyy good in 2016.
Think this will fit in Santa’s sleigh?


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