2017 Let’s Gooooo

Hey there, pals.
You may notice that’s not an outfit pic up there ^^^

It is instead a pic of my numero uno and I, stupid in love. I don’t believe in NEW YEARS resolutions, but I do believe in resolving to do things a little better every time you see fit. 

I am generally pretty decent at doing one thing really well. It is harder for me to balance mutliple things, and do them all really well. It seems I wear a lot of hats that don’t quite fit just right. Maybe it’s because we only have one head per person, I’m not entirely sure.

I’ve heard that making public announcements of our intentions means that we will be less motivated to see them out, but I read that on Facebook so I’ll ignore it. Do whatever it is that drives YOU to see things through. So here I am, on the cusp of a beautiful new year making it known that I am going to cool it on my “one skill at a time” habit and instead make myself equally available and present to ALL the important things in my life. There are so many beautiful parts about life that get swept under the rug or caught up in the day to day and mishandled. 

Cheers to me handling my life a little better, and cheers to you for your friendship and readership. I hope you have the best year EVER, resolutions or not 🙂 


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