As you may have read in my previous post, I’ve been wildly overtaken by the mission of the duo aptly named “The Minimalists”. These gentlemen reject the notion of buying happiness, and measuring success with a yardstick made of material goods. They alternatively illustrate a life in which you ask yourself “Does this add value to my life?” before introducing it into your home.

is a company that I think they would approve of, and one I knew I had to work with as soon as I saw a video about them.

When you visit their site, you are presented with an aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free design which is easy to shop and WORTH shopping. In their words,

“We love clean, uncluttered,
beautiful designs. Rothy’s low-
waste, low-impact materials and
meticulous assembly echo our
design philosophy that excess
is… well, simply excessive.”

​Me too.

Rothy’s flats are made in two different shapes (the traditional round toe or pointed) and an array of beautiful colors, but what’s really neat is that they are made out of recycled water bottles! And to be completely honest, I’ve never been a fan of flats until now. They’ve turned this often boring, traditional shoe into something as beautiful as it is comfortable. I plan on doing a full video review on them so look out for that, but let’s just say you can easily bend them in half and every which way. They’re incredible. 


​I often work a look around a single item, and that is exactly what happened with these shoes! To begin with, the muted dark colors made me want to do a light color on top, and white always seems cleanest to me so I picked this old but trusty Oxford. My self-destructed dark skinnies are a no-brainer, and are by far my most successful DIY (even though I’ve repeated the same formula countless times)! I love the ease of style and use these shoes provide, and know they will forever be a staple in my wardrobe!

Have you checked out Rothy’s yet?
If you do, use code AMcmullen20 for $20 off your purchase! And also definitely tell me which pair you chose so that we can gush over them together..


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