Style We {Love}

I did not think I’d be able to shoot a jacket and turtleneck while vacationing in South Carolina without warranting worry from passersby, but alas I was wrong {as I often am}! This was a pleasant surpise honestly, I don’t mind the chill. Especially when it means I get to wear a cute new addition such as this!
This perforated turtleneck rises above alllll the rest in my closet with two qualities: the fun cutouts and the THUMBHOLES!!! As you might imagine, the thumbholes were the real kicker for me. I am in looooove with thumbholes lately, and plan on wearing this one until the summer sun makes me put it away until next year!
I think there’s something undeniably chic about a turtleneck, and the soft, lightweight material makes this long sleeve feel more like a light sweater. It’s also the perfect midnight navy that looks amazing with black jeans, which is how I’ve styled it other times I’ve worn it!
The jacket is versatile enough to go from dressed up chic to dressed down casual, and has been a staple in my wardrobe since it arrived on my doorstep!

Are you surviving 2017 so far? I’ve got lots of fun stuff to share with you already this year, and can’t wait to see where we’ll go in 2017! 

PS have you watched The Minimalist’s documentary on le Netflix? If not, get off this page right this second and watch it, then come back and tell me your thoughts! I’m head over heels for them…pps they also have a podcast okay really leaving now bye friends!


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