#undermatters with BootayBag!

Bootaybag had a brilliant idea, let me tell you.

I can’t tell you the last time I went shopping for underwear, for a multitude of reasons:
-no time
-no inclination
-awko taco

To sign up for a service like Bootaybag is my ideal way of attaining these unmentionables, as I can avoid the human factor and have them delivered right to me!

Even better than benefitting ME, is that this service benefits those in need! They choose a different cause to contribute to each month, and that really makes this service stand above the rest! The tag included on the garments let you know which foundation a portion of the proceeds will go to.

Now that you know what it is and why I’ve partnered with them, LET”S OPEN IT!!!


I managed to wait almost an entire week to rip this package open! THAT’S how much I love you reading frands.

p.s. Safe to say I was overly excited. See below for reference.

Anyone else find it incredibly satisfying to open packages, regardless of what’s inside? A monthly promise of mail opening is a huge plus for me {seriously}.
Sometimes I’m terrified with where the world has led us (or where we have led the world?), but then things like underwear can be both delivered AND chosen for you, and I feel like we may have had some brilliant ideas along the way. This is where I leave you in this little review of mine, but I will tell you these unmentionables are DEFINITELY mentionable 🙂



One thought on “#undermatters with BootayBag!

  1. How much is this subscription? Do you fill out a survey like other subscription services on preferences?

    Also, love the sweater!

    Keep up the good work, love your blog! 🙂


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