Ice Blues

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m a Midwesterner through and through, but even I get tired of the dreary, rain-induced depression that is the outside.
For this reason, I like to wear shorts in the winter.

I’m really not a fan of shorts in the summer, as I’m usually chilly in the air conditioning so I’d rather wear pants. In winter, I’m already freezing so I may as well just deal.

The trick to pulling off shorts with tights is to combine a solid with a pattern! 
For example, these solid black shorts with polka dot tights. If I had patterned shorts on, I’d do solid tights! My favorite tights are Vera Wang (like these above) and can be found at Kohl’s! These are over 5 years old, but they still sell that brand and I can’t recommend them enough!
Another trick for wearing shorts in the colder months is to pair with a shorter sweater rather than a loose, oversized one. It borders “sloppy” (at least on me) if it’s not tucked in/short enough. This light grey Banana Republic sweater was a Goodwill gem!
Since I’ve been working on upping my hair game recently, I’ve made a real effort to put some type of headband/braid/effort into my hair each day. Since I didn’t have a ton of time this morning, I rolled my hair into this stunning Headbands of Hope number and pinned a fishtail over it! I love the ease and versatility of this, and can’t wait to see what else I come up with to spice this style up a bit.
To complete the look I wore my “Grey Birdseye” flats from Rothy’s! The grey color is created from tiny sections of white and black in a pattern which ends up looking solid from far away! I am so impressed by the comfort these shoes provide, and can officially say they got me through an entire work day without a single issue. For a flat, that speaks volumes.

Don’t forget to use code “AMcmullen20” for $20 any Rothy’s order!

How are you handling the ice?


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