(body)Suit Up

It’s not quite time yet for body suits in Indiana, at least not to be worn to their full potential anyway.

But I couldn’t help scooping this one up. Maude KILLED it with this scoop back bodysuit in my fav (lack of) color, which is amazing because I’ll be able to pair it with anything! I have so many high waisted pants that I have trouble styling because usually all of my tops are too long. Bodysuits are the perfect solution!

Because it is still so frigid, I paired this fuzzy cardi from DCB over it. I’ve been styling this fuzzy cardi with a lottttt lately. Because fuzz, obviously. 
My high waisted jeans are from Top Shop, and are a few years old but the “mom jean” silhouette is still available!
Have you had a good weekend? The nice weather has me jonesing for Spring, but until it’s here I’ll just hide my warm weather clothes under the cold weather clothes 🙂


One thought on “(body)Suit Up

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