February Feels

Never did I ever imagine I’d get to say this in February, but we had a heat wave today!

I’m pretty sure it hit 50 degrees, and it was just what we Hoosiers needed.

When you clean out piles of clothes from the past, oh let’s say decade, you find some hidden gems you forgot you had! These olive pants are an old Kohl’s find, and though they’re a bit tighter than they once were, they still hold a dear place in my heart! In case you’ve not been around long, I’ve been fighting the minimalist fight for a while now. I am thrilled to announce, it’s finally beginning to click! I’ve been trying to stick to my favorite, most classic pieces and slowly (or quickly, there is no middle) discard the rest. Pitching almost everything is my new favorite hobby.

How are you doing, friends? Are any of you fighting the good {minimalist} fight with me?

I’d love to hear about it if so!


One thought on “February Feels

  1. I bought these flats & wore them on Valentine’s Day & my husband says “what’s on your feet?!?” LOL

    He thought the wrap around tie was weird but I like it so I don’t really care 🙂


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