My Very Favorite Fluffy Hat!

Of all and the hair and beauty bits I dabble in, my most requested tutorial is for a beanie! 
Luckily, it’s a super easy pattern I made up and honed over a year or so! Obviously exact numbers may vary depending on the size of your own head, but I am happy to share the measurements I use personally 🙂

The yarn I use is from JoAnn Fabrics, and if you use a 40% off coupon (which they always have available through their website), you can make two hats for around $6!

Yarn used:

I’ve tried a lot of other bulky yarns but this one is by far my favorite! It’s extremely soft and wears really well.

Disclaimer: I am in no way pretending I know any technical terms or really anything at all that I’m doing in regards to crochet. I’m only sharing a pattern that has worked for me and that I’ve had a lot of people ask about so if I sound silly or use the wrong term, please be patient with me!

Materials needed: 
yarn (listed above)
yarn needle
P crochet hook

That being said…let’s begin!!!

  1. Chain 29 (or whatever fits comfortably around your head as the lowest point of the hat. Beware it will stretch so you want it to fit comfortably but not loosely!)
  2. Slip stitch to join, chain 1
  3. Round 1-5: 29 half double crochet, slip stitch to join, chain one
  4. Round 6: Half double crochet, skipping every third stitch. Slip stitch, chain one
  5. Round 7: Half double crochet in each of the half double crochets from the round before (21), slip stitch to join 
  6. Round 8: 21 single crochets around, slip stitch to join
  7. Round 9: Single crochet, skipping every third stitch
  8. Use your yarn needle to weave the top of the hat together, drawing it to a close. Tie it off on the inside of the hat.
  9. For the poof ball! Hold one hand with palm up in front of you, and wrap the yarn around your palm until you basically can’t keep the yarn on any longer (the bigger the yarn mound on your palm, the bigger your poof will be! Remove the poof wrap from your hand and tie a strand of yarn around the middle as tight as possible. Cut all of the loops, trim to round, and voila! And if that made absolutely no sense, go watch this tutorial. It’s the exact same process, just on a larger scale for our hat!
  10. Attaching the poof to the hat: Take the extra length from tying the string around your poof, and push it through the top of the hat into the center, positioning it wherever you want it to sit! I position the poof more toward the my forehead than the back of my head, and that’s how it stands up so well! If you’re looking for a slouchier look, position the poof more toward the back of your head.
If you try this out, I wanna see!! Please tag me on Instagram @forthedaintydays with your recreations 🙂 If you have any questions on technique regarding the pattern, don’t hesitate to ask! All of the stitches themselves are easily googled with very clear tutorials 🙂

Thanks so much for reading friends, I hope you love these hats as much as I do!


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