Eva Maison Beauty Review!

Hiiiiii friends!

Long time no talk, I’ve missed you! 

Luckily, I’ve tried out a bunch of fun new products I get to share so…let’s get started!

I’ve got a bit of a hodge podge from Eva Maison Beauty to share with you today, and I am happy to say I am in LOVE with each and every one of these products! 
My skin has been wreaking havoc on my sanity this past month, so the name alone of this little beauty had me adding to cart. To my delight, it’s lived up to that promise! One Love Organics: Skin Savior can be used as a cleanser, a moisturizer, OR combined with mineral foundation for a flawless dewy coverage! I’ve been using it as a moisturizer, and I can’t say enough about the wonders it has worked! The scent is as delightful as it is indescribable, and it adds to the greatness of this little wonder cream.
This RMS lip shine in “content” has been my go-to since its arrival in my mailbox! The color is incredibly moisturizing and wearable despite the darkness in the jar. It feels like a balm but looks like a satin lipstick, and that is exactly what I want for daily wear! I can’t wait to try more colors, These little beauties contain buriti oil, which is instrumental in making them equally favor care + beauty.
As you may know, my hair holds a special place in my heart. I love trying new products to keep it as healthy as possible, and I can’t wait to see what my long term results using this will show! I read a lot of reviews that this product is amazing for a dry scalp (bonus!) but I don’t have any issue with that particular aspect of my hair health, so I’ve been using it as a mask before washing my hair. This can also be used on cuticles and as a cleanser! I have been loving the softness so far, and can’t wait to see if it really does improve the longevity of my hair health!

If you would like to try any of these out yourself (or anything at Eva Maison!), you can use code DAINTY15 for 15% off online and in store! If you do, I’d love to know what you order!

Happy Monday ❤


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