Dottie Sale Snags!

A lot of stores are having awesome deals to make room for new fall beauties, and Dottie did too!!

I fell in love with this pretty pink top the second I unpacked her in shipment one night, but I’m so glad I waited to get it until the sale! It was already super reasonably priced but 25% off is never a problem with me. I think the top is so feminine and delicate, and I love the Swiss polka dots! My mom informed me that’s what they’re called and I’m happy I finally have a name for them {lol}!

These shorts were marked down to $25 and then I got an additional 25% off of that so these were a no-brainer! Mom knows my struggle with shorts that actually fit, and was as in love with these as I am! The brand is Just Black, and if you find them I highly suggest scooping them up. They’ll be the perfect go to for any short looks the rest of the summer!
I also found this beautiful powder blue top, which has the prettiest lace detailing at the top! I love a good pop of color against neutrals, so I thought black jeans were a great fit, as well as the taupe heels from the last look (old Dottie favs of mine!).
Have you been taking advantage of some midsummer sales? Let me know where I should hunt next!!


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