Sudio Style

As you may have already known, Evan spent the summer studying up for the bar exam.

I spent my summer tiptoeing around the house trying to pretend I wasn’t here.

I’m not a stomper, so i can sneak around the house easily enough, but boredom in the quiet set in pretttyyy quickly. I’m a big fan of listening to my beloved Gilmore Girls on the Netflix or putting my current fav Spotify playlist on repeat. The only issue is that when I put my headphones in I would still have to carry my phone around and that just tipped me over the first world problem scale. (I surely hope you get the joke here, I’m well aware that’s not a real problem, but boy was it plaguing me).

This is where Sudio Sweden and their “Vasa Bla” earbuds come into play. It takes all of 10 seconds to pair with your phone and then BOOM! you’re hands free and able to rock some wicked dance moves while doing laundry or dishes or other menial house things or….exercising!
​I love the black and rose gold color option as it is feminine but still sleek and demure. 
Evan has thankfully completed the bar exam but my love of these earbuds has yet to leave me…these are the perfect solution for my fellow friends who just need to be cord-free. Use code “forthedaintydays” at checkout for a discount on anything site-wide! 

What are your tricks for surviving boring house duties? Maybe if I have a few tricks up my sleeve I’ll be more motivated…


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