Pumpkin Patching

I got to go to the pumpkin patch with the fam bam this year! Genuinely nothing makes me happier than making new memories with my people.
​We were blessed with the prettiest fall day! We didn’t even need jackets, the sun kept us nice and warm but the wind kept us cool enough to be comfortable. 
​I had to take advantage of the pretty scenery and do a pretty braid! I teased the crown a little bit and twisted a few side pieces to the back of my head and then did a pull through braid.

​Vera was not so keen on my “you should stand on a pumpkin” idea but she was a great sport all day! 

​She asked me to pick her up and carry her around a few times…and I was lowkey loving it. One day when she’s bigger than me I’ll insist she carries me around in return.
My denim overall dress is from the Target girl’s section…don’t mind me snatching style secrets from toddlers. My burgundy sweater is from the Goodwill and my boots are from Barnaby Jack Vintage (search that in Etsy!). 

What fall traditions have you upheld this season? I’ve still yet to get into pumpkin carving…the inside is just too gross! 

Happy November, friends 🙂


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