Gone Coastal

If you’re anything like my dad (and I really hope you are), you might be ever so slightly hesitant to bite the bullet and do glasses shopping online. BUT! I promise it’s way easier and so much cheaper than you may think.

I’ve worked with Coastal Eyewear for a while now, and have always had a positive experience with their staff and overall quality. Coastal also has a great feature called “MyFit“, a tool which filters their frames and leaves only the ones which best suit the measurements you entered! If you’d like to look at ALL options, you can simply turn this feature off.

​The frames pictured here are the Joseph Marc Procedure in silver, and I got transition lenses in them so I can wear them as regular glasses OR sunnies! PS– their lenses are currently 50% off!
I also love these “frameless” frames, they are so minimal but make a statement at the same time! I chose the rose gold option and I am in love with how they turned out. They are also SO light on your face so if heavy frames bother you, these are for you!
See what I mean? A subtle statement. 
{These are the Perspective Astro frames.}

Coastal has so many options and definitely at the best prices I’ve seen online. Have you done online shopping for glasses before? I want to know how your experience was if so!


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