Dainty Do Over

Hellooooo there.

I genuinely don’t know how to show up on the internet anymore. To be fair, after 2020/Covid I don’t know how to show up most places anymore.

I started The Dainty Days back in 2014, and my oh my life looked very different! Even before that, my very first blog was started off as kind of a diary for me to share my day, my outfits, and general thoughts on both. This was back when bloggers were bloggers rather than influencers, and I wanted so badly to join their ranks! I was a fresh college grad working in a field I had never intended to join (retail) that slowly started sucking my soul dry and strengthening my misanthropic tendencies. The Dainty Days was my personal haven and I had such high hopes for where it might lead.

I now find myself in a different field I never intended to join (finance), working and mothering and living through a pandemic. The Dainty Days didn’t turn out according to plan. Neither did my life–it is so much better than anything I’d planned. I now find myself missing the haven I’d created for myself on the interwebs. Getting caught up in growing a following and working with brands distracted me from what I actually set out to do–write. 

My life, interests, and hair has changed drastically in the last six years or so, and thank God for that.
I look forward to sharing a new perspective and…whatever else comes to mind honestly. I am a lot more than a gal who loves to braid hair, and it feels good to break free of the corner I braided myself into. I don’t get dressed every day, I certainly don’t do my hair every day, but I do learn how to let go and lean into life a bit more each day. 

Thanks for being here.


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