About AG

My name is Ashley Geddes. While I do believe at our core, us humans are impossibly difficult to describe in words, I’ll now attempt to do my very best. 

I am as absolutely ridiculous, wonderful, absurd, difficult, stubborn, and kind as you are, dear reader – no more, no less. Life has a funny way of unfolding for us planners – or reformed planners in my case. I had a plan for sure. None of it went according to plan but I definitely used to have one!

No one knows as much as a high school senior on the verge of adulthood, so maybe we should start there. I was very sure I would go to nursing school, become a nurse, probably get married right away, have some kids, maybe no more nursing.

Instead, I didn’t get into nursing school as I didn’t complete my application – no notice it was waiting out there in the ether for me to attach one final piece, I just didn’t get admitted. As you’ll learn, I am so thankful my ideas didn’t pan out and that definitely begins here. I am not great with blood, or people. HOW could I have been a nurse?!

Fast forward to now – one English literature degree, three jobs, one divorce, one son, three dogs, and married to the love of my life later. I have thrown plans by the wayside – life unfolds beautifully on its own and certainly doesn’t need me interfering. 

2022 was a year I really stepped into my own – I rounded out the first year working in a new field,  my third year of parenting, deepened friendships and also married my very best person. I feel exceptionally lucky for every twist and turn that’s gotten me here, and I finally feel like I might be ready to share my life again – the real one, this time. I wasn’t purposely deceitful; but I was very much writing about a life that I wished was true for me, almost to the point that it made it feel true just because I wrote about it. Smoke and mirrors are far too easy to bring to the table – now I will bring you the truth. 

I wrote the below in my very first TDD post circa March 2015:

“So many of my days are consumed by work (which I love), driving to and from work (which I loathe), and laundry (there’s no way I need to say into which category this one falls). With what little free time I have, I will be documenting the good and bad parts of all my days, but most importantly I will write about the days I look, feel, and do my best-the dainty ones.”

I still work and drive and do laundry, so keep an eye out for all the riveting content to come! I also love witticisms and insults and learning and parenting and want to share all of that here.

All my love –


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