Monday Scaries

You just never know what I might come up with to wear for a day spent at home. I love a pajama day as much as the next gal, but I usually feel better to get dressed, even if it’s late into the afternoon by the time I do it. Such was the case today.

It always feels a little easier to dress myself after I get out all the clutter I have to sift through in order to wear the things I always go for anyway. This sweater is one of those items – it’s a Goodwill find I’ve had for years. This is a great silhouette to have in your arsenal because it is very fitted on the bottom vs most sweaters which have a looser hem. A regular sweater would’ve looked bulky under a slip dress but I think the tighter sweater did just fine! I paired opaque tights with it as well, and a champagne silk nightie because I love wearing nightwear as daywear! Who made the rules up anyway?

I like a combat boot with the feminine silhouette of the slip dress, and my Doc Marten Leona fit the bill for today. I wore them to pick up Gavin and to hit up the Kroger for some croissants. Rob and I have been watching Peaky Blinders so a long black overcoat was perfect…until I stepped out into the 55 degree weather and realized there was no way I needed that much coat. I wound up swapping it out for my trench and it was far more comfortable. I won’t dare anger the gods by bitching about a warm day in January.

Tomorrow it’s back to reality (oh, there goes gravity) and the office and the commute and the daily grind minutiae that I simultaneously love and loathe. I feel that I do better on a schedule, when I have to leave my house and be a person outside of my favorite four walls; but I have to say the time off was absolutely wonderful.

We ended the day with a competition for my lap space, Sing 2, and tickle fights. These are the good old days indeed.

All my love,