Instaholics Anonymous, Anyone?

I’ve been noodling on this concept for a while now, to say the least. A long while would probably hold most true. I started this blog when Evan and I were first married, I was navigating my first year out of school in two decades, and learning the ups and downs of my first full time job. 

I needed an outlet, and that is what I found. I started my Dainty instagram in November 2014 and quickly became consumed by it. It was all hair to begin with, but as brands wanted to work with me, and my hair inspo quickly dwindled until there was little at all, it became a fashion page. I don’t have to do my hair intricately on the daily, but there are laws commanding my getting dressed all 365 of them. Though my love for what initially fueled the invention of my page fizzled out, my love for the ‘gram was stronger than ever…until about January 2017. 

It was then I was introduced to The Minimalists by a friend, and I hopped on that bandwagon too. To be fair, this seems like a mighty fine bandwagon to join and I am still very much involved with all the media they put out into the world. This duo shares how they’ve improved their lives with less. Less stuff gives them more time for their health, time to dedicate to their values, and time to spend on their loved ones instead of things they “love”. I went through a phase where cleaning out my closet and decluttering were a normal after work activity, and it worked for a while. But eventually the stuff found it’s way back in, because I was solving the symptoms and not the disease.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on instagram (and according to many studies, you probably have), you know that the fashion Instagram sphere encourages an antithetical approach to minimalism. It encourages you to buy more, follow more, post more, comment more, MORE MORE MORE! And never stop doing more by the way, because the algorithm will find you and somehow find a way to chop off your legs. I have no idea how the algorithm works (do any of us really?) but in my understanding, the more you play on Insta, the more visible you are. So unless you’re spending a LOT of time liking, posting, commenting, following, etc. you’re basically invisible not only to new people but to the PEOPLE WHO ALREADY FOLLOW YOU. How messed up that is, I don’t think I need to explain. 

Add this to my finding Jesus, and my word you’ve got an absent Instagrammer. 

I grew up going to church but hating every second there. I was there, but I didn’t know why and I certainly didn’t get much out of chasing my brother and cousin around at “children’s church” each week. Not only because I was slow as hell, but because there was little biblical teaching. To be fair, I don’t think I would’ve been very responsive even if there had been. Fast forward to August 2017 when I finally stepped foot into the church I’d been driving past for two years. As a painfully introverted girl with some serious RBF, I wasn’t sure what church I’d be able to find whose members wouldn’t bombard me at the door ready to make me talk. My dad kindly suggested I slip in right at the start of service so there wasn’t much talking time. I’m so type A I hadn’t even considered there was an alternative to showing up everywhere 10 mins early (minimum). So slip in I did, and it wasn’t long until the church truly became my sanctuary. I can breathe there, I am safe there, and I am among friends. I even like to talk to these friends now. 

Sorry for the forever long backstory, but it was necessary to get you where I’m next taking you.


Instagram is so ugly to me now. Or I suppose, the way I’ve been using it has lost it’s luster. The constant influx of “you need this” is frankly exhausting and UNTRUE! We are bombarded with the message that we aren’t enough. We don’t make enough, have enough, spend enough, look good enough, ANYTHING enough. And believing that is a sad way to spend our days. My momma told me that as I grow closer to God, the world will become less and less. And as always she is correct! I love following very few of the accounts I actually look through daily, and because I didn’t want to add to the detrimental noise of anyone else’s life I’ve shied away from my own feed. I want to spend my time and attention on who and what truly matters, and I’m happy to let my follower count dwindle as I spend less and less time on Insta. What started as a creative outlet quickly took on a life of its own, and I’ve got so much more worth focusing on than an app. I balk at the amount of time spent on my phone each day, and how much better my time could’ve been spent. Looking at stranger’s accounts will get you nothing at the end of the day, but investing in yourself and your values always pays off. I encourage you to unfollow anyone who gives you any type of negative feel! Myself included. 

I no longer feel at home on Insta, but instead in the sphere of people who truly matter to me and in the church that is my refuge. I have battled anxiety since childhood, and that can easily flirt with depression if untended. 2018 seems to be the most anxiety-ridden time in American’s lives to date, and I know it’s only up from here unless we enact some serious principle reversing here. Instagram and our completely backwards society want us to keep searching, but not for anything that will satiate our desires or close our wallets. Malls are filled with people looking to purchase what can never be bought. Don’t buy into it (pun intended). In case you need a reminder like I do:

You are in this world, but not of it. Don’t let it consume you.

You are enough, you have enough, and you do enough.

If you’d like to treat the disease rather than the symptoms, start with prioritizing what matters to you. And then end with that, because this one wild, precious life is YOURS alone to do with as you will. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to comment them or email me ❤


Spring with Sandgrens

​Hi pals! Long time no talk…again…I’m the least consistent of the bloggers I tell you. Thanks for checking in regardless of that little fact!

Though spring is just around the corner, it feels miles away. Indiana is hitting us with another cold front this week and adding that to the springing forward nonsense, I’m just not too pleased. BUT! I know that warmth is close, and that will keep me going until it’s here. 

Spring styles have adorned stores for months already, so by the time it actually shows up we’ll be more than prepared! One of my favorite additions to my shoe collection this year are these beauties from Sandgrens Clogs!

I’ve worked with Sandgrens before but am still more impressed with them each time! The quality of these handcrafted beauties is unmatched, and the resulting comfort is how you know their craft has been perfected. Though I’ve not gotten to wear these all day yet, I know they’ll be a perfect pair to wear to work! Retail leaves my feet in pain so often but I know that won’t be an issue with these. 

These shoes will go perfectly with dresses and denim alike, and I know you’ll see them a lot more in the upcoming months!

What kind of spring styles will you be rocking this year?



well…hello fam bam

How are we already weeks into the new year?! I’m not one for resolutions but I am one for fixing whatever needs fixed in your life, as soon as you can! Last year I adopted a new diet, upped my Pilates fix to 3x/week, and welcomed my husband to the wonderful world of working full time! 

I really do love reflecting on what the past year has brought (good, bad, and ugly) and I am all for finding areas that could use some improvement.

So while I am NOT calling these resolutions, I did want to share what I’ve been
focusing on so far this year.

  1. I’ve been trying to pray myself to sleep rather than waiting until my phone slips out of my hands and smacks me on the forehead.
  2. Praying myself awake rather than grabbing for my phone first thing (are you sensing a pattern yet?).
  3. Spending the beginning of my morning in the word (and not the kind on Twitter). I was given the New Morning Mercies devotional by my sweet Tay last year on my birthday and I am LOVING it so far! I then take these concepts to my prayer journal so I can ruminate further and make sure it sticks if you know what I mean. 
  4. Spending more time and money on experiences and less on things. (The opposite of wearing less and going out more? Felt like this needed a Drake reference).
  5. Using my phone as a tool instead of like a lifeline. I spend far too much time on it accomplishing absolutely nothing (as do a lot of people I spend time with).
  6. Treating others with the same grace God treats me. I am one with zero patience and a sass mouth, but I want to exercise a kinder heart and a happier attitude. “Start each day with a grateful heart” if you will, but carry that gratitude all day long.
  7. Do the thing I love on this beautiful nightmare we call the internet! I am my own worst enemy when it comes to generating useful content in that I ditch it if it’s not perfect. I want to do a better job of doing rather than perfecting!

What have you been up to so far this year? Also…thanks for reading this. You are my people 🙂

Happy 2018!


Ironworks Staycation 2017

Tay and I have a Christmas tradition where we do something extravagant, fun, and spend more than our usual 20 mins together! This year we were lucky enough to spend this special date at Ironworks Hotel in Indy! 
Photos by Brooke Anne Photography
​We had dinner and drinks with our boys Friday night, and were in bed (Tay snoring like a buzzsaw) by 9:30…and immediately admitted how bizarrely old that made us feel. By 6 am we were bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready for more bonding spent in our favorite way–eating. We had breakfast at Rize which is their conjoined breakfast spot. On top of the aesthetics of the place being too good for words, the food and service were also phenomenal. I shall be dragging Evan there as soon as I can for a repeat!
We would have gladly spent our entire Saturday chatting in the lobby but alas our carriages became pumpkins again and our staycation had to end. We will be back as soon as humanly possible to enjoy the friendly staff and beautiful rooms. Oh and also–the entire hotel smelled of the most pleasant man (you know, the real handsome kind who also have manners and believe in chivalry). I have no idea how they rigged the place to do that but I’m very interested in busting through their air vents on my next visit to steal whatever it is.

If you need a staycation soon (or if you’re out of town and need a rec!) I can’t recommend Ironworks enough. And also, if you get there before I do, bonus points if you figure out how they get the hotel to smell so good.


Thanksgiving 2017

Heyooooo it’s almost Thanksgiving folks!
​Just in case you need some last minute outfit inspo, I threw a few together in my very favorite color combo this season–camel, black, and white.

Let’s be honest- priority one on Thanksgiving is food. This means stretchy pants are a must (IF you wear pants that is. Loose dress may be your best option…). 

I love a good gingham print, but one this large can be overwhelming on my shorter frame so I broke up the pattern by layering a short sleeve cropped sweater over top. My black skinnies are mid rise and SUPES stretchy so they’re Thanksgiving approved. My black wool coat is one of my ultimate Goodwill finds…it fits perfectly and is very versatile! The boots here are Sandgren’s clogs in the Dexter Tan colorway…and I don’t think I’ll be wearing anything else unless forced. They’re having a Black Friday sale so if you’ve been eyeing them GO NOW!
For outfit #2, I picked the always-favorite legging (insert trophy emoji here). I paired this striped tunic over it (another Goodwill find) because I like the classic print with the more trendy bottoms. My black riding boots are also a Goodwill find! This Daniel Wellington watch is from their petite collection and is what my dink wrist dreams are made of. My sunnies are from Diff eyewear, it’s their new Daisy pair!

What are you wearing tomorrow?! I hope this gave you an idea or two if you’ve been more focused on the eats than the threads (and who could blame you?).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am so happy and thankful to have you <3.


Gone Coastal

If you’re anything like my dad (and I really hope you are), you might be ever so slightly hesitant to bite the bullet and do glasses shopping online. BUT! I promise it’s way easier and so much cheaper than you may think.

I’ve worked with Coastal Eyewear for a while now, and have always had a positive experience with their staff and overall quality. Coastal also has a great feature called “MyFit“, a tool which filters their frames and leaves only the ones which best suit the measurements you entered! If you’d like to look at ALL options, you can simply turn this feature off.

​The frames pictured here are the Joseph Marc Procedure in silver, and I got transition lenses in them so I can wear them as regular glasses OR sunnies! PS– their lenses are currently 50% off!
I also love these “frameless” frames, they are so minimal but make a statement at the same time! I chose the rose gold option and I am in love with how they turned out. They are also SO light on your face so if heavy frames bother you, these are for you!
See what I mean? A subtle statement. 
{These are the Perspective Astro frames.}

Coastal has so many options and definitely at the best prices I’ve seen online. Have you done online shopping for glasses before? I want to know how your experience was if so!


Sandgrens Does It Again

When one of my favorite companies reached out to me to help spread the word about their Black Friday sale coming up…it was a no brainer. If you’ll remember last spring my lovely ivory clogs I’ve gotten no end of compliments on, this is the same company! But this time…they’ve got boots.
​ Mic drop.
Sandgren’s Berkeley Captoe boot (HERE in olive like mine!) is a unique boot that is steadfast in quality and structure, which sticks to the standard Sandgrens upholds. I love the lace up, the vibrant and neutral color options, and the sturdy but fashionable wooden heel. I fell in love with these babies as soon as I saw them on their site, but I fell hard when I opened them in person.
See what I mean? 

Lucky for us (I’ve gotta order these in Dexter Tan, one color just wont’ suffice!), Sandgrens is planning to begin their Black Friday promos a little bit we can beat the mad dash! I’ll be posting again on my page once their sale is live so you’ll be the first to know!

If the Berkeley Captoe isn’t your cup of tea (get the hell off my blog) JUST KIDDING, they’ve got tons of other styles! Their full site can be found HERE

Have you been favoring the boots-with-dresses vibes that I have this fall? These babes also pair great with denim and black skinnies, and I know they’ll get me through the cool months no problem! 

Happy Sunday y’all, and have a merryyyyy Black Friday week (only one week away!)


Pumpkin Patching

I got to go to the pumpkin patch with the fam bam this year! Genuinely nothing makes me happier than making new memories with my people.
​We were blessed with the prettiest fall day! We didn’t even need jackets, the sun kept us nice and warm but the wind kept us cool enough to be comfortable. 
​I had to take advantage of the pretty scenery and do a pretty braid! I teased the crown a little bit and twisted a few side pieces to the back of my head and then did a pull through braid.

​Vera was not so keen on my “you should stand on a pumpkin” idea but she was a great sport all day! 

​She asked me to pick her up and carry her around a few times…and I was lowkey loving it. One day when she’s bigger than me I’ll insist she carries me around in return.
My denim overall dress is from the Target girl’s section…don’t mind me snatching style secrets from toddlers. My burgundy sweater is from the Goodwill and my boots are from Barnaby Jack Vintage (search that in Etsy!). 

What fall traditions have you upheld this season? I’ve still yet to get into pumpkin carving…the inside is just too gross! 

Happy November, friends 🙂


Faux Fall

Today was wayyyy too hot for this ‘fit but Instagram is all a lie anyway so what does it matter (insert “shrug” emoji here). Indiana weather has gotten me to this point where I just wear what I please because it’s impossible to plan ahead!
Momma got me this denim jacket with a sherpa collar AND these super sweet slippies for my birthday! We got to spend Sunday afternoon playing around Target and TJ Maxx and then got Olive Garden for dinner AND watched an 80s movie together. May or may not have been the best birthday of my life…combined with the day date Taylor took me on the day before! I’m very much 25 and spoiled and I am so grateful.
My black high waisted skinnies are from American Eagle and once I chopped off the extra four inches off the bottom they are the most flattering fit! 
I know I’ll be rocking this simple denim beauty all season long… now let’s just wait for it to be appropriate for the temperature.


Skirting Summer

Every once in a while “that” piece comes into your life and just gets you too excited…here’s that piece!! Honey Lake has this skirt in my favorite midi-almost-maxi length and it could easily be dressed up with a button up collared shirt or go boho with a crop top like I did here!

ps–this skirt is sold out in S and M but follow them on insta at @honeylakeboutique for a restock alert!

My velvet blush heels were a clearance find from Macy’s this summer and I almost didn’t get them because I questioned how often I’d actually be able to wear fuzzy pink heels. I will tell you girl, I surprised myself! I positively love them and I think it’s a fun contrast again the more classic stripes.
I love when clothes have adjustable features (like this belt!). Because the skirt is really meant to be worn on the hips, the belt made it so that I could wear it high waisted! I love the bow feature because that obviously makes it much more girly and sweet. The belt is unattached so you can tie the bow on the sides as well!
I finished off this boho look with mirrored sunnies from DCB and think they go perfectly with it!

What pieces did you find this summer that you still love?!