Boho Love

There are those fantastic days where the weather is amazing, everything goes according to plan, and the sun hits you just right. Lucky for me, Maddy happened to be the good luck charm to make all that fall together for me, because lately that just hasn’t been the case. 
What is usually happening? Second-day hair (sometimes eye makeup too) and a messy mind. So that’s my goal for the summer: simplify and do. I feel like I waste too much time worrying about how much I have to do sometimes that I lose track of actually doing it. Thanks for sticking around for the ride…I’ll def report back. For now let’s talk about how insanely talented my photographer/genius friend Maddy is to location scout and make my disheveled self look slightly put-together.
My tank dress is from Dottie, and is actually just a tank I decided to make work as a dress (in size large). I love the stone washed effect along with the rosy hue, I thought it would be the perfect summer throw on!
My three layer necklace is also from Dottie, and though this exact one is no longer available, they’ve got tons of cute choker and shorter options to choose from for a similar look!
This kind of floppy hat is my favvvoriteeee! I think it can be worn year-round and this color is the perfect neutral!
​My black strappy gladiator sandals are Steve Madden, and to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I found them at DSW, and now want them in every color made. They’re *so* comfortable and cute!
I had to finish the look with a messy fishtail, and only partially because I happened to have napped on this fishtail prior to these photos. Part of what I love so much about braids is their ability to transform a look depending on how you hold your hands, what products you use, and when you just so happen to mash it into your pillow after work, well that’s just a bonus as far as texture goes.
I hope you all had the best Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll talk to you so soon!
Thanks for reading 🙂


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