Fashionably Punctual

Because I was that kid who always showed up late (my mother sped like a bat out of hell, we just didn’t get out of the door on time), I am an extremely punctual adult. 

​Though there are many options available for watches, the design and qualiy at Daniel Wellington is unmatched! Each style is carefully and classically crafted at a very reasonable price, and make the most beautiful statement.

​I wanted to keep my outfit understated so that the watch could shine, and I’ve got to say I officially have a new OOTD crush. My sweater is a Goodwill find originally from Banana Republic (basically jackpot), my pants and shoes are both from Target!
If you would also like to promote punctual holiday happenings, use code “daintydays” at Daniel Wellington for 15% off sitewide! I’d love to see what you order!!

Thanks for reading, and happy humpday!


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