BarnabyJack Vintage

​I am very much the smitten kitten with BarnabyJack Vintage. You can find them HERE or on Etsy!

They have the prettiest one of a kind pieces at insanely reasonable prices…if you’ve not checked them out yet you must!!

​When I saw these chestnut brown 1970s boots on their site, I knew they needed to be mine. It is always the shopping olympics trying to attain shoes in a 5, let alone thrifting some.
​They are perfectly worn in and comfortable, and have held up incredibly well considering they are 20 years my senior. 
​How perfect is this straw backpack for adventuring?! 

​Might just have to plan an adventure now.

Get ready to see these boots in…basically everything I’ll ever post again. 

Go check out their mothership AKA Barnaby Jack, and tell me the goodies you find!


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