The Dainty Days

Hello there…
I’m Ashley 🙂

I have always been a lover of all things fashion and beauty-related, and I started my first blog mid-summer 2014. I’ve since gotten a promotion, a husband, and over 3,000 followers on my Instagram account @forthedaintydays. In light of all the new beginnings 2014 provided, I decided it was time for a new blog, too.

This will be my space to share my hair escapades, my greatest fashion and beauty finds, and my life. I hope to entertain at the very least, but ideally I hope to inspire. 

This Saturday was quite a busy one! It was my second braid day for Dottie Couture, this one held at the new Fishers location! I wanted to wear something comfy and cute…just like every other day of my life, let’s be honest. I also wanted to incorporate my happy color, which is the same color around which I’ve designed this page. My light purple tank is from Target, and it’s an old favorite! Target is my go-to for basic tanks of all lengths and colors, they’re so affordable and the options are basically endless. The lace tank I’ve layered over it is also from Target($24.99) and is still available! I love this kind of top for putting under cropped sweaters as well as over tanks so there was basically no way I could walk away without this baby. My necklace is the reversible tassel necklace from Dottie Couture ($18), and I find a way to wear it with basically everything! The other side is light pink, and I absolutely love this one with an assortment of looks.


I tend to keep the rest of my accessories to a bare minimum. My wedding ring will always be my favorite piece of jewelry, but I’m also strongly attached to my other 4 staple pieces. My rose gold Michael Kors watch is the Slim Runway from Nordstrom, and my Pandora monogram charm bracelet was a gift from Evan on our wedding day.  
Not pictured are my diamond studs (one of which I am bound to lose sooner or later) and the Tiffany infinity ring I wear on my right ring finger.

My light off-white bat wing cardi is from Marshall’s, along with 90% of my wardrobe. I’m not going to lie, I’m addicted to the hunt that store provides! It takes some digging, but some of my very favorite pieces are from there.
My jeans were an insane steal from Aeropostale’s sale rack ($12), and they are the Ayla high-rise jegging. They are my go-to dark skinny!

These TOMS boots are my absolute favorite! They are the olive synthetic leather alpa boots, and they are a dream. I stalked these stupid (but so worth it) things for two months before I finally found them in my size! Size 5’s are getting harder to find, and I’m pretty sure Evan has somehow conspired with the shoemakers of the world to keep new ones out of my closet…but he hasn’t succeeded yet and thank goodness for that.

Last but not least is my braid for the day 🙂 This is one of my favorite styles because it is so easy. I simply put a quick Dutch braid toward the front of my hairline and pancaked it! I curled the rest by wrapping my hair around a one-inch regular curling iron and brushing the bejesus out of it until it calmed itself down. 
Photos by Carpenter Photography 
So many of my days are consumed by work (which I love), driving to and from work (which I loathe), and laundry (there’s no way I need to say into which category this one falls). With what little free time I have, I will be documenting the good and bad parts of all my days, but most importantly I will write about the days I look, feel, and do my best- 
the dainty ones.

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