Thanksgiving ♥ 

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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What better way to spend your (short but sweet) Thanksgiving break than with your family, stuffing your face?

There is none, fools.

To start it off right, Graham and I spent Wednesday morning taking pics, playing with leaves, and solving world (okay personal) issues. He’s really and truly the best.

Even though I’m quite literally whiter than my socks, I love wearing skirts and dresses in the Fall and Winter! This burgundy skirt is from Aeropostale and I have already worn it a lot this season! It’s one of my favorite hues for the colder months, and is easily styled with an array of colors.
Today I paired it with this cropped charcoal sweater from Marshall’s, and my absolute holy grail beanie (Target, a few years back). I’ll basically find any excuse to wear this hat, and I like to pretend that color coordination isn’t a thing in regards to my head from November-March. Multi-color is a neutral, right?
My black riding boots were a gift from my sweet mother in law a few Christmas’s back. They have been a staple since the day I got them, I love that they’re entirely solid black! My boot socks are from Charlotte Russe, please check out their socks if you’re looking to bolster your boot wardrobe!
My burgundy wrap bracelet is vintage Dottie, and my rose gold Kate Spade crossbody was another lovely Christmas gift from my MIL!
{When you want so badly to pelt your precious brother in law with leaves after he’s done you a favor for an entire hour and it doesn’t work out}


I hope your Thanksgiving has been as fabulous as you are, sassy friends!


One thought on “Thanksgiving ♥ 

  1. Hi! What a super nice looking outfit! I love everything here! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing this outfit! 🙂


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