Faux Fall

Today was wayyyy too hot for this ‘fit but Instagram is all a lie anyway so what does it matter (insert “shrug” emoji here). Indiana weather has gotten me to this point where I just wear what I please because it’s impossible to plan ahead!
Momma got me this denim jacket with a sherpa collar AND these super sweet slippies for my birthday! We got to spend Sunday afternoon playing around Target and TJ Maxx and then got Olive Garden for dinner AND watched an 80s movie together. May or may not have been the best birthday of my life…combined with the day date Taylor took me on the day before! I’m very much 25 and spoiled and I am so grateful.
My black high waisted skinnies are from American Eagle and once I chopped off the extra four inches off the bottom they are the most flattering fit! 
I know I’ll be rocking this simple denim beauty all season long… now let’s just wait for it to be appropriate for the temperature.


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