Ironworks Staycation 2017

Tay and I have a Christmas tradition where we do something extravagant, fun, and spend more than our usual 20 mins together! This year we were lucky enough to spend this special date at Ironworks Hotel in Indy! 
Photos by Brooke Anne Photography
​We had dinner and drinks with our boys Friday night, and were in bed (Tay snoring like a buzzsaw) by 9:30…and immediately admitted how bizarrely old that made us feel. By 6 am we were bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready for more bonding spent in our favorite way–eating. We had breakfast at Rize which is their conjoined breakfast spot. On top of the aesthetics of the place being too good for words, the food and service were also phenomenal. I shall be dragging Evan there as soon as I can for a repeat!
We would have gladly spent our entire Saturday chatting in the lobby but alas our carriages became pumpkins again and our staycation had to end. We will be back as soon as humanly possible to enjoy the friendly staff and beautiful rooms. Oh and also–the entire hotel smelled of the most pleasant man (you know, the real handsome kind who also have manners and believe in chivalry). I have no idea how they rigged the place to do that but I’m very interested in busting through their air vents on my next visit to steal whatever it is.

If you need a staycation soon (or if you’re out of town and need a rec!) I can’t recommend Ironworks enough. And also, if you get there before I do, bonus points if you figure out how they get the hotel to smell so good.


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