Spring Loving on Floral and Lace

Photos by Sarah Beth Photography

One of the many things I love about Indiana is the undeniable buzz in the air once the temperature consistently hits 60. Floridians would be shivering in their snuggies but us Hoosiers are breaking out the shorts and complaining about the heat…and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Though the week looks to be formidably cloudy, this weather, temperature, and humidity level is my absolute favorite. I’ve decided to usher in Spring with another favorite of mine–rompers!

One of my go-tos for the warmer months is a good romper. I hate all shorts that don’t make me look like a mom from the 90s, and since I can’t rock that look every day, I tend to turn to rompers instead. Rompers are very versatile and can be dressed up by adding a statement necklace, heels, or a ribbon belt but can also be dressed down with sandals and a cropped denim jacket! I worked today so I tried to keep it somewhere in between, and kept my jewelry light but added a bow belt and heels. My floral and lace romper ($44) is from Dottie Couture, and my belt is from H&M.
My nude heeled sandals ($30) are the Jessica Simpson Jennisin 2, and they are the perfect shade for my skin tone! They are also my most comfortable heels, one of the
only pairs I trust for an entire day or evening out. The chunky heel gives them a  modern vibe, and the caging over the top of my foot and ankle strap stops me from rolling my ankle like heels usually force me to do. Weak ankle probs are never-ending…just kidding I’m a grade A klutz.

My hunter green Kate Spade was a gem I found at the St. Augustine outlet when I was on Spring Break, and it’s my new baby. I think we’re going to 
get along swimmingly. It was originally $398, but I got it on sale for $130. It was the first designer bag I’ve ever bought for myself so it was pretty
exciting to say the least. It is not a Spring color by any means, but it does complement all the Spring 
colors I’ve been loving!

Springtime means bright lippies and fresh-faced makeup! I have currently been obsessing over pinky corals that are moisturizing, because dry lips are not limited to the colder months for me! The lipstick I’m wearing today is the L’Oreal Colour Riche in “Ever Bloom” and I love it! My quick waves are thanks to my 1 1/4 inch Hot Tools curling iron. Though it is a regular curling iron, I use it like a curling wand and just wrap my hair around the barrel for a loose wave. I flip my hair over and shake it like a madwoman before spraying it with Big Sexy Hair “Spray n Play”. It seems to give it more body throughout the day!
I can’t wait to break out even more of my Spring faves, including another romper or two from Dottie. Okay five, I’ve purchased five rompers from Dottie Couture since January…I’m not proud of it but I don’t regret it either!
I hope you’ve enjoyed my current Spring go-to outfit and makeup, let me know what you’re loving so far this season! 


2 thoughts on “Spring Loving on Floral and Lace

  1. One if my favorite things right now is Loreal’s airbrush spray tan in medium and Acure’s cell stimulating face mask from whole foods.


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