Natural Hair Care Routine

I’ve recently become obsessed with the concept of all things natural. I watched the documentary that quickly blew up my Facebook and Instagram with nothing but rave reviews– Fed Up. This documentary (available on Netflix) is all about the obesity epidemic in America, especially in children. I feel that this documentary is aimed toward parents in order to incite them to action, to change their family’s food habits. I am not yet in charge of another human’s nutrition, but I feel like that makes this the perfect time to get my own nutrition under control! I have a voracious appetite for sugar (though according to the documentary, most Americans do since sugar is more addictive than cocaine!) that is nearly unmatched by anyone I know. I can happily eat gummy worms and Mountain Dew for breakfast, without experiencing any sort of sugar rush. I honestly just thought I had mad skill in sugar toothery, because I am a fool. Long story short, I have been inspired by this documentary to cut added sugar out of my diet, hopefully to be followed by caffeine! Furthermore, my newfound focus on my health has also carried over to my hair care. My mother in law told me that my hair seems lacking (to myself!) because when I eat it is usually sweets or restaurant food. I didn’t realize how true this is until I started eating cleanly! Not only does my body feel so much better, my hair is shinier and softer as well. 
And when I say that, I mean my hair as it is, without any heat styling or products. I’m not sure whether to chalk it up to laziness or ingenuity, but I’ve taken a break from styling my hair this week and I am so glad I did! I have gotten the nicest compliments from sweet customers about my hair this week, more than I’ve ever gotten from curling or straightening my hair. 
I hear that the best thing for your hair is to go days without washing it, and using non-sudsy shampoo in lieu of traditional shampoos. I really can’t handle that myself, but I do try and wash my hair every other day rather than daily. I wash my hair with Fekkai PrX Reparative shampoo (the blue one), focusing on my scalp and largely ignoring my ends. I use Fekkai Full Volume conditioner (the yellow one) to condition my hair. This conditioner is incredibly light, and has a consistency close to water. This was definitely an adjustment for me, but I’m glad I tried it because it has worked wonders on my hair! After I’m done, I wrap my hair in a towel for about 20 minutes or until I go to bed. And that’s it! When I wake up, no matter how fuzzy it looks, I leave it alone other than parting it with my hands. 
As I’ve previously mentioned, I do a conditioning treatment once a week with Skinny and Co. coconut oil. This leaves my hair silky and strong; it’s my absolute favorite!
As much as I really do enjoy styling my hair with braids, buns, and other non heat styles, I mostly appreciate the results I see in my hair health! 

To keep the focus on my hair, I kept today’s outfit minimalistic! My white cotton romper is from Dottie, available online and in stores now! The spaghetti strap detailing combined with the lace 
on the bottom of the shorts keeps this piece interesting and pretty without overdoing it, and I love it for its simplicity.

My dainty pink flower crown is from Claire’s, and I paired it with my go-to Dutch braid to pull my hair out of my face. 
I get little fuzzy curls around my face, but the rest of my hair is mostly straight but frizzy. I don’t let it go au naturale every day, but I’ve found that the more often I can leave it be, the better it looks when I do heat style it! 

Photos by Sarah Knuth
What ways do you all wear your hair when you’re avoiding heat styling? I’d love to braid it damp and undo it in the morning, but that one really doesn’t work for me…are there any other ideas that I’m missing? 

Let me know!


One thought on “Natural Hair Care Routine

  1. I use Marakesh leave in daily hair treatment (similar to Moroccan oil but less oily for daily styling) and I also use Kenra’s dry shampoo. I also have been trying the “ends” treatment that the Marakesh line offers and my ends have been fabulous! Kenra’s leave-in conditioner accelerated my hair growth and has made it so much healthier. Thank you for sharing your styling tips!


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